Petite Pandora

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Character Information
Name: Petite Pandora
Name (kanji/kana): プチ・パンドラ
Alignment: Dark Agency
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: Unknown
Occupation: Idol, member of the Dark Agency
Family: Pandora (sister)
Associates: The men she had cursed
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: The Ambition of Petite Pandora
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Petite Pandora
Actors: N/A

Petite Pandora was a Codename: Sailor V-only character. She was the little sister of Pandora, and she wished to avenge her sister's death at Sailor V's hands.

Petite Pandora had the power to brainwash men with her "world's cutest wink," and she planned to kill all her slaves unless Sailor V met her at Shiba Park. She only liked to brainwash attractive men, and Minako deceived her by turning into one to get her attention. She was defeated by Sailor V.