Rainbow Crystals

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The seven Rainbow Crystals

The seven Rainbow Crystals, or Nijizuishou (虹水晶), were present only in the anime. They were separate sections of the Silver Crystal, which came apart when Queen Serenity sealed away the Dark Kingdom's greatest warriors, the Seven Great Youma, during the attack on the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millennium. Their colors were: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They were sealed into six humans and one cat, each of whom were eventually tracked and attacked by members of the Dark Kingdom. Once the crystals were removed from their bodies, the carriers became the Great Youma they had the connection with. Sailor Moon was able to return them to normal with Moon Healing Escalation.

Not all of the rainbow crystals fell into the Dark Kingdom's hands; the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru managed to obtain some of them. However, ultimately the minions of the Dark Kingdom got the crystals the Senshi possessed, so that Mamoru and the Dark Kingdom had all of them between them. The Dark Kingdom sought them to reawaken the Seven Great Youma, while Mamoru sought them because he was having dreams that indicated they would help him find the Silver Crystal and regain his lost memories.

In episode 34, Zoisite challenged Mamoru to a fight for his rainbow crystals, with the winner taking possession of all seven. When Zoisite sent a secret attack at Sailor Moon's back, Tuxedo Mask took the hit for her and was mortally wounded. Sailor Moon cried a single tear, which gathered the power of the rainbow crystals and reformed into the Silver Crystal.

The rainbow crystals were exclusive to the anime and did not exist in the manga. They were also referenced in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story, where the Oppositio Senshi stole one of these crystals during a trip to the past, causing the Silver Crystal of the present to become weaker.

Rainbow Crystal Carriers[edit]

  • Orange Crystal - carried by an unnamed priest, reincarnation of Boxy