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Character Information
Name: Rubeus
Name (kanji/kana): ルベウス
Alignment: Black Moon Clan
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Lives: Nemesis
Occupation: Member of the Black Moon Clan
Family: Unknown
Associates: Spectre Sisters, Esmeraude
Aliases: Crimson Rubeus
First Anime Appearance: An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky
First Manga Appearance: Act 15 Shinnyuu SAILORMARS
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Rubeus
Actors: Wataru Takagi (anime), Hiroki Takahashi (Crystal), Robert Tinkler (dub), Steve Cannon (Viz dub)

Rubeus was a member of the Black Moon Clan. He led the Spectre Sisters to current-day Tokyo in search of Chibiusa.

In the anime, Koan had feelings for him, but he treated her cruelly and did not return her affection. He did not care for the Spectre Sisters and merely thought of them as pawns to aid him in reaching his goal. He was replaced by Esmeraude, who betrayed him and left him to die aboard his exploding UFO, a similar fate to what he had given the Spectre Sisters.


In the musicals, Rubeus was played by Hiroyuki Ichikawa and Riona Tatemichi.


Video Games[edit]

Rubeus appeared as a boss in Chapter Four of Sailor Moon: Another Story, preventing the Senshi from accessing the Ark outside the Sariel Village.



  • Rubeus' name is the Latin word for "red," from which the word "ruby" is derived.[1]


  1. Black Moon Etymology - Ian Andreas Miller
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