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Movie Data
Sailor Moon Eternal Poster.jpg
Original Movie
Name (kanji/kana): 劇場版「美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal」
Name (romaji): Gekijou-ban "Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun Eternal"
Name (translated): Movie Version "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal"
Movie Number: 4
Director: Chiaki Kon
Writer(s): Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Animation Director: Kazuko Tadano
Release Date: January 8, 2021 (part 1), February 11, 2021 (part 2)
Previous Movie: Sailor Moon SuperS movie
Next Movie: Sailor Moon Cosmos
North American Dub Movie
Name: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie
Release Date: June 3, 2021

Sailor Moon Eternal was a two-part movie that covered the Dream arc in the continuity of the Sailor Moon Crystal series, directly following the third season.

The two movies aired in theaters in Japan in January and February of 2021, and both parts were released on Netflix in the rest of the world on June 3 of the same year.

The theme song for both movies was "Tsukiiro Chainon," while the ending theme of the first movie was a cover of "Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute" performed by Yoko Ishida, and the ending theme of the second movie was a cover of ""Rashiku" Ikimasho" performed by ANZA. An insert song called "Moon Effect" played during the final battle with Queen Nehellenia.


Part 1[edit]

Title card for the first part

As the sun rises over the Earth, Zirconia stands before a mirror and tells Queen Nehellenia that the time has come.

Chibiusa is preparing to return to the 30th century, now that Usagi is entering high school, Mamoru is entering medical school, and she has become a great Sailor Senshi. When she arrives at Ichinohashi Park with Usagi and Mamoru, however, they find it crowded with people wanting to watch a solar eclipse, so they settle in to see the event as well.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako have gathered at the Hikawa Shrine to also watch the eclipse. When Ami mentions how rare a thing it is, Minako wonders if it will grant her wish to become an idol. Makoto says her dream is to become a bride and run a flower or cake shop, while Ami says she wants to become a doctor, and Rei wants to take over the shrine from her grandfather.

As the moon covers the sun and it becomes darker, Chibiusa and Usagi hear the sound of a bell and turn to see a Pegasus, who greets them before vanishing. Mamoru also sees the vision, but when it fades he clutches his chest in sudden pain, though he tells the girls that it was nothing. The trio turn to watch the eclipse again and as the sun is completely blocked, they see a ship emerge from the darkened moon and voices announcing the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus.

At the shrine, the Inner Senshi have also seen the same thing, and Rei looks up as Phobos and Deimos cry out. A flyer for the circus drifts to the air before being pinned to the ground by two black feathers. When Rei picks it up, she also finds the Moon tarot card, which she interprets to mean "a bad feeling."

Chibiusa is worried about the ship, but Mamoru assures her that they'll protect the world. Since the park is so full at the moment, though, he says they'll have to delay Chibiusa's return home. As the three of them walk through the Juuban shopping district they see posters for the Dead Moon Circus at Mamiana Sakaue Park, and look to see the tent has already appeared. Chibiusa is distracted by a display of kaleidoscopes, prompting her and Usagi to beg Mamoru for one, and he agrees to buy them. That finished, they return to the park but find it still crowded, so they decide to have Chibiusa return the next morning. She and Usagi decide to stay at Mamoru's apartment for the night and they settle into bed. Chibiusa looks at Usagi and wishes she looked like her, but gets flustered when Usagi notices her attention. She quickly begs Mamoru for a bedtime story like her mother would tell her, and mentions a story about a world of darkness that lies behind mirrors. The thought frightens Usagi, and Mamoru laughs about how childlike she is, saying that Chibiusa is more grown-up. Chibiusa thinks that she wishes that were true, because she can't wait to be a grown woman.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia grumbles to Zircon about how they need to move quickly, and calls out the Amazoness Quartet. They assure her they're ready to get to work, and PallaPalla uses her Amazon Stone to create a barrier around the area.

Chibiusa dreams about flying on the back of the Pegasus she saw before, and he shows her the darkness covering the town. He then gives her a small glass bell, telling her his name is Helios, and she should use the bell to summon him if she is in need. A cage appears around him as he tells her that he needs to find the Golden Crystal to save Elysion, and the dream fades. Chibiusa wonders at the strange dream, but then finds she still has the bell and realizes it wasn't a dream after all. She quickly dresses and leaves, and Usagi and Mamoru wake from their own dreams about the Pegasus to find the note she left behind to explain she is on her way home.

Once she's at the park Chibiusa finds herself reluctant to return home, thinking of the Pegasus who seemed to need her help, but she steels herself and tries to use the Key of Space-Time to open the path to the 30th century, but finds the way blocked. Usagi and Mamoru arrive as a vision of the Pegasus briefly appears before them to plead for aid, and Chibiusa declares that she doesn't care if the Key doesn't work, because she needs to help him.

PallaPalla senses someone attempting to break through her barrier, and VesVes sends a tiger out to look for them.

At the Secret Base beneath Game Center Crown, Chibiusa tells Usagi, Mamoru, and the three cats what Pegasus told her in her dream. Mamoru thinks that "Elysion" sounds familiar somehow. Their discussion is interrupted by a news report of a tiger rampaging through the city, and the girls declare they need to go protect everyone. Mamoru moves to follow but is struck by that pain in his chest again.

When they find the tiger, Usagi and Chibiusa attempt to transform, but find that it doesn't work. They run away and hide in an alley, and realize that the Holy Grails allowed them to transform with the power of all of the Senshi, but the Outer Senshi are no longer there. Their determination to still find a way to fight prompts their brooches to take on new forms, and they use Moon Crisis, Make Up to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. When they find the tiger again, though, PallaPalla and VesVes appear, and PallaPalla summons a swarm of Lemures to attack them. Chibiusa uses the bell to summon Helios with Twinkle Yell, and he transforms their kaleidoscopes into the Moon Kaleidoscope and Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope, which they use to destroy the Lemures with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, which prompts PallaPalla and VesVes to flee. Mamoru arrives in time to hear Super Sailor Chibi Moon call the pegasus "Helios," and he realizes he recognizes that name just before he collapses.

PallaPalla and VesVes watch the two Senshi rush to Mamoru's side, and PallaPalla uses a mirror to see their dreams, then uses her Amazon Stone to swap their ages. Queen Nehellennia watches through Zircon, and recognizes the power of the Silver Crystal, realizing that the people of the Silver Millennium have reincarnated on Earth. She orders Zirconia to bring the Crystal to her.

Mamoru has been taken to the hospital, where everyone gathers and discovers what has happened to Usagi and Chibiusa. As the Senshi realize it must be the work of the Dead Moon Circus, Ami's mother arrives to take Mamoru for his examination, and Usagi exclaims over how pretty she is.

A doctor shows Mamoru an x-ray of his chest and says there is a "shadow" on his lungs, and suggests he have further tests done.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, he apologizes to Usagi for being a burden, especially while the Dead Moon Circus is threatening the town. When he falls asleep, she thinks that maybe she shouldn't be with him, because he keeps suffering because of her, but all she wants is to be by his side forever. Chibiusa sees the two of them together and goes to the park by herself, thinking about how they have each other. She wonders if she really is the maiden Helios is looking for, and he appears, surprised to see her changed appearance. She asks if he can tell her about the enemy and he demurs, but says he needs the help of a maiden who is a princess and Senshi.

Helios appears in Mamoru's bedroom and apologizes to the Prince for failing to protect Elysion, which is now affecting him. As he vanishes Mamoru wakes, wondering if he was dreaming.

Ami uses her laptop to discover the barrier surrounding Juuban, and remembers Setsuna giving her advice. Her mother arrives home and is surprised to find her still awake, commenting that she isn't a very good mother because she leaves her daughter alone so much because she's so mature and responsible. Ami thinks about her father, an artist, who left after realizing he and her mother didn't get along very well.

At the circus, VesVes addresses the tiger, a hawk, and a fish, and asks if they wish to be human. When they agree, PallaPalla transforms the three into Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fisheye, and they promise to do their best. Fisheye volunteers to go first, and targets Ami.

Ami happens upon a tropical fish store she hadn't seen before, and a disguised PallaPalla sells her a fish similar in appearance to Fisheye's original form. She takes it home and thinks how it looks so much like the fish on postcard her father had sent. Later that night, she wakes to see her mother in their apartment with a strange man, assuring him she doesn't care about her daughter, then as she backs away past a mirror she sees visions of her father also rejecting her and Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibiusa saying they don't need anyone but each other. Fisheye tempts her with dreams of being loved, but she rejects it and tries to call Usagi on her communicator before she is attacked by a swarm of Lemures and Fisheye drags her into the mirror.

Ami hears Guardian Mercury calling to her and opens her eyes. The Guardian reminds her of her true dream, to protect everyone, and the Mercury Crystal appears, allowing her to transform with Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up. Summoning the Mercury Harp, Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to break Fisheye's spell. Usagi and Chibiusa arrive in response to her call and transform, which reverses their age swap. They attack Fisheye with Moon Gorgeous Meditation and he is destroyed.

Back at the Circus, PallaPalla is impressed that they broke her spell.

Thinking about Super Sailor Moon's strength, courage, and beauty, Super Sailor Chibi Moon realizes that she is not the maiden Helios is seeking. She uses her bell to call him again and tells him that the one he needs isn't her, but Princess Serenity. She then runs away, feeling useless, and the Pegasus disappears.

It begins to rain as Chibiusa runs down the street, wondering if she will ever become the lady she dreams of being, and Helios appears before her. He transforms into his human form and kisses her, then assures her that she is surrounded by love. He tells her that he doesn't have the power to stay longer, but will return, and vanishes as Usagi and Ami come running up looking for her.

Helios's spirit returns to the body of the caged Pegasus, and Queen Nehellenia taunts him. He remains defiant despite her anger, and thinks that he needs to find the Golden Crystal soon.

Rei's friends notice she's reading a book on shrine management, and she tells them that her grandfather is ill so she's been taking care of things. Minako suggests that she get married so her husband can do all the work, and Makoto wishes she had a boyfriend. The cats arrive and tell the girls that they'll be going to the Circus the next day.

Back at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei sells love charms to a couple of high school girls and wonders if boyfriends are really that important, remembering what her friends had said. She thinks about her own dreams, but is distracted by the calling of her crows. Her grandfather watches her, remembering when she first came to the shrine, and thinks that someday she'll leave and find the place where she really belongs.

The girls and Mamoru arrive at the Dead Moon Circus and split up to look around. Rei notices a Mirror House and goes inside, and the Amazoness Quartet are pleased that she entered their trap. She is surrounded by Lemures as an image of herself appears within the mirrors, embracing Tiger's Eye. Rei throws an ofuda at the mirror and it cracks, but the vision persists and "Rei" claims she always dreamed of marrying a rich man so she doesn't have to work. The real Rei attempts to transform but finds it doesn't work, and she falls under the Dead Moon's spell.

CereCere shoos the cats out of the main tent when they attempt to enter, then the show begins. The Amazoness Quartet performs for the crowd as Lemures appear around them to drain their energy, and Zirconia gloats.

The cats notice Phobos and Deimos circling the Mirror House and run that direction.

The two crows break through the windows of the House of Mirrors and attack Tiger's Eye, prompting him to flee into the mirrors. Rei is awakened by Phobos and Deimos in human form, who warn her about the people being attacked by the Circus. They show her the Mars Crystal and she transforms using Mars Crystal Power, Make Up. Remembering her true dream, Sailor Mars summons the Mars Arrow, but is confused by the multiple images of Tiger's Eye in the mirrors. She remembers advice from Sailor Neptune, and strikes the actual Tiger's Eye with Mars Flame Sniper, destroying him and causing the Mirror House to vanish. When PallaPalla's spell breaks the Lemures in the main tent disappear and the people are freed.

Rei finds the others and explains what happened, and the Senshi are determined to destroy the Dead Moon Circus and protect the people of the town.

The Amazoness Quartet are upset about the actions of the Sailor Senshi, and make new plans.

Chibiusa looks into the Deep Aqua Mirror and thinks about Helios, wondering why he hasn't appeared to her again. She finds Usagi preparing to go visit Mamoru again, but declines to go along, to Usagi's surprise. She wishes she had friends to talk to about things, like Usagi does.

Mamoru finds blood on his hand after a coughing fit, but hides it when Usagi arrives to bring him something to eat. He asks her to leave, not wanting her to know how sick he is, and though she agrees she is still worried.

The Inner Senshi walk through Juuban, thinking about how dirty the town is becoming and how unusually hot it is. After they split up, Chibiusa runs into Makoto, who offers to make her dinner. As they go back to her apartment, though, they happen upon an herb shop run by a disguised Hawk's Eye. He tells them he just opened the shop, which has been a dream of his, and Makoto admits she also wants to open a shop. He gives both girls rings for being his first customers, saying that they're charms to make their dreams come true.

At Makoto's apartment, she and Chibiusa make and eat dinner, though she's distracted by thoughts of her dreams for the future. After Chibiusa leaves and Makoto begins cleaning up, she thinks that she wants to someday be beautiful like Michiru and strong like Haruka, then wonders what she's actually done to actually make her dreams come true.

Chibiusa stops to visit Mamoru and offers him the ring Tiger's Eye gave her, telling him he can use the protection from evil spirits. When she leaves Usagi is waiting downstairs, not wanting to disturb Mamoru.

Makoto returns to the herb shop to visit with Tiger's Eye, and the stone in her ring begins to glow, prompting her to say that being a Sailor Senshi might interfere with her dreams. She finds that the ring won't come off as Lemures flood out of the stone and attack, binding her with ropes of energy, and the Amazoness Quartet appear and taunt her.

Guardian Jupiter appears to Makoto and chides her for showing her weakness, asking who will protect everyone if she is gone. Makoto realizes that her true dream was to protect the ones she loves, and the Guardian shows her the Jupiter Crystal. The stone in the ring shatters and Makoto transforms with Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up. The Leaves of Oak appear on her forehead, and the Quartet flee as she uses Jupiter Oak Evolution against Hawk's Eye. The shop disappears as Usagi and Chibiusa arrive, and the bell begins to glow as Helios summons them.

Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Moon, and Super Sailor Chibi Moon arrive at Mamoru's apartment to find him being attacked by Lemures as Helios attempts to ward them off. They destroy the Lemures and the stone in the ring Chibiusa gave him shatters, but Mamoru begins to cough up blood. Helios says that it appears to be time to talk, and changes into his human form. He introduces himself as a priest of Elysion, which is a sacred place deep in the heart of Earth. Elysion, the planet, Helios, and Prince Endymion are all connected in spirit, and the curse on him and Elysion is now affecting Mamoru, as Helios's body has been transformed into the form of a pegasus and confined within Elysion. He explains that the queen of the Dead Moon, Queen Nehellenia, escaped from her seal and placed a curse upon Elysion. He asks Super Sailor Moon to use the power of the Silver Crystal and Golden Crystal to save everyone from the nightmare. He vanishes and Mamoru doubles over in pain again. When Usagi rushes to him he tells her she shouldn't stay with him because she might be affected by the curse as well. She refuses to leave, saying that she will stay with him forever and protect him.

The Inner Senshi gather together to talk about what Helios said and are determined to protect their world. Minako agrees with the rest, but later is secretly worried about how she still cannot transform herself. Artemis assures her that she'll be able to transform, as the leader of the Senshi, and thinks that she's becoming like the goddess of love. Minako isn't reassured, though, and continues to worry.

The Amazoness Quartet realize that there's a Senshi who can't transform, and decide to set a trap for her. They summon Xenotime and Zeolite, who promise they're much more competent than the Amazon Trio.

As the girls walk down the street they observe how dirty the city has become, and how irritable people are getting in the unusually hot weather. They notice Rei is carrying Michiru's mirror to help her find the source of the strange events, which leads to a conversation about the absent Outer Senshi. Minako becomes upset, thinking that the others want to rely on the Outer Senshi instead of her because she must be a bad leader. She runs away, crying, and is approached by a man who invites her to an idol audition. Even though she realizes it is a trap, Minako goes anyway, telling Artemis that she has to show her power as the leader.

At the audition Minako is dismayed by how many girls are there. It turns out the talent contest is a "survival audition" where the contestants must get through a jungle to rescue children held on the top of a tower. As Minako rushes to the tower, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury show up to help her, and discover that she can't transform. Minako rushes off into the jungle on her own and finds the other contestants being attacked by Lemures, and Zeolite attacks the three Senshi to keep them occupied.

Minako makes it to the top of the tower by herself only to find that the children were really Lemures. She is overwhelmed by them and falls under VesVes's power, but Artemis scratches her and restores her to her senses. VesVes opens a trapdoor beneath her and she falls, but Artemis just barely manages to grab her. As he is clinging to her, PallaPalla appears and drops a boulder on him. As Minako cries for her partner the boulder shifts, and she looks up to see Artemis in his human form holding her arm, and realizes their connection is suddenly much stronger. He says that she couldn't transform before because he must not have been strong enough, and then hands Minako her Venus Crystal, allowing her to transform using Venus Crystal Power, Make Up. Sailor Venus calls upon her Love Whip and uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock to destroy Xenotime and Zeolite, then runs to her fellow Senshi. The Amazoness Quartet renew their attack and trap the four Senshi in vines.

Chibiusa is looking at the starless sky and worrying when Usagi arrives home, and asks how Mamoru is doing. Even though Usagi insists that he's doing fine, she begins to cough just like him.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia calls upon the power of nightmares that they have collected and summons a dark moon to hover in the sky above the circus tent.

Part 2[edit]

Title card for the second part

Usagi thinks about how her dream is to live happily with the one she loves, in a house surrounded by flowers with their child.

As Michiru browses in a music store a fan enthusiastically greets her, but is dismayed when Haruka arrives and comments on the bouquet of white roses she's holding, which she bought to celebrate six months of their life together. As they leave others note the matching rings the famous pair are wearing. Haruka notices a sale on diapers on their way home, and Michiru reminds her that Hotaru hasn't needed diapers for a while now. Back at their home, young Hotaru has been getting into mischief after finishing all of the books in the house, and Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka comment on how she's been growing in both intelligence and mischief. Setsuna remembers the day of the eclipse and how she'd sensed enemy action but found herself unable to transform. The Outer Senshi had thought that perhaps their inability to transform meant their duty was over, but after the eclipse Hotaru suddenly began to age at an accelerated rate and Setsuna wonders what is coming.

Michiru gives violin lessons to several children and Hotaru, and when Hotaru plays the ghostly image of a pegasus appears and runs away, followed by an image of Chibiusa. When Hotaru and Michiru follow, they see the vision of Chibiusa weeping over the body of the fallen pegasus. Hotaru recognizes the girl, and Michiru wonders if Sailor Saturn will awaken again. Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna all kiss their matching rings, thinking of the promise they had made together.

Michiru joins Haruka as she supervises Hotaru creating an illusory simulation of the solar system's creation. She points out asteroids and then the Moon, and Haruka and Michiru think about Usagi and the others, wondering how they're doing. Hotaru's simulation reaches the point of the recent eclipse that covers the Earth in darkness. Haruka sends Hotaru off to take her bath while the older three discuss the danger that came along with the eclipse and what their inability to transform could mean.

As Hotaru prepares for a bath, Sailor Saturn appears before her, explaining she is the power sleeping inside the young girl, then tells her to awaken and fades away. Hotaru sees visions of the Sailor Senshi fighting as she sits in her bath and the planetary symbol of Saturn flashes on her forehead. Now aged to the point where she was before her rebirth, she goes out to Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna, telling them it is time to awaken, and they no longer need to fight alone any longer. The Saturn Crystal appears in her hand, and Sailor Crystals appear before the other three as well. The four Senshi see a vision of the Holy Grail and the danger the Prince and Princess are in, and realizing that the promise represented by their matching rings is no longer necessary, they go to join the others.

As the Guardian Senshi are trying to free themselves from the vines holding them, they are surprised to see Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru arrive. The four newcomers transform and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto use World Shaking and Dead Scream to destroy the vines. Sailor Venus says they should let Usagi know they've returned, but they say the Princess is in danger and they might not be able to reach her right now.

At the Tsukino home, Chibiusa looks on in concern as Usagi lies in bed, coughing weakly.

The Outer Senshi fight off the Amazoness Quartet as Sailor Saturn calls out to Chibiusa and Usagi, and they realize the others have returned. Usagi tells Chibiusa to transform and join them and promises she'll be right behind her. Chibiusa transforms and uses Submarine Mirror to return the Talisman to Sailor Neptune and follows its guidance. Usagi is still weak but runs after and encounters Mamoru along the way. He realizes she is infected just like him, but she insists she must join the battle and they head for the Dead Moon Circus together.

Sailor Neptune uses Submarine Reflection to destroy the circus tent, revealing the dark moon above that is pouring out nightmares onto the world.

As Super Sailor Chibi Moon runs through Juuban she sees people fighting or collapsed, overwhelmed by the power of the Dead Moon. She arrives at the circus and is dismayed to see the dark moon like a black hole in the sky, but Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask join her and they greet all of the other Senshi. Zirconia appears and unleashes an attack that leaves Usagi and Mamoru turned into children, but Helios senses the attack and takes the pair away as Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn chase after the Amazoness Quartet.

Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Chibi Moon confront the Quartet in the main circus tent, and as they fight, Sailor Saturn yells at the Quartet to wake up from their nightmare, because they are being controlled by the Dead Moon. Just as Saturn seems to be reaching them, Zirconia appears and traps the four in their Amazon Stones. Super Sailor Chibi Moon tries to use Moon Gorgeous Meditation, but she and Saturn are imprisioned in glass fragments by Zircon. Zirconia takes the stones and glass pieces to Queen Nehellenia's mirror and pushes them through to the other side.

Child Usagi wakes up to find child Mamoru making her breakfast. He tells her that he did her homework for her, and they head off to school hand in hand. He tells her that his dream is to make all her dreams come true without having to do anything herself. Confused, Usagi says that she thought his dream was to become a doctor, but he replies that he dreams of marrying her, which scatters her thoughts entirely. He asks what her dream is, but before she can reply she wakes up for real. She and Mamoru have been brought to Elysion by Helios, who warns them to be careful not to let Nehellenia know of their presence. The three of them walk through the cursed wasteland Elysion has become to the central shrine and find the Maenads asleep in crystals that protect them. Helios explains that this land is where Mamoru's family once had their Golden Kingdom. The Golden Kingdom had protected the Earth from the inside, while from the outside the Silver Millennium had done the same. Helios goes on to explain that he saw a vision saying the Golden Crystal could be found and the seal broken by the maiden with beautiful dreams, a princess and Senshi protected by moonlight, and he asks Usagi to use her Silver Crystal to break the seal on the Golden Crystal. Usagi thinks that the missing Golden Crystal must be inside Mamoru's body like the Silver Crystal was within hers, because she has always felt his power supporting her. She says that her dream is to protect the planet so everyone can live happily, and he tells her that his dream is the same.

As they continue farther into the shrine, Usagi sees the body of Pegasus trapped in a cage and runs forward, but Nehellenia's power drives her back. Helios sends Usagi and Mamoru back to the surface of the planet to protect them from the evil queen, and they reappear before the worried Senshi. They transform back into Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, then notice that Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Chibi Moon are missing, and Sailor Uranus realizes the two of them never returned from pursuing the Quartet.

Queen Nehellenia sends Zirconia to deal with their enemies, and as everyone emerges from the Dead Moon Circus they are overwhelmed by dark power. Helios senses the danger and calls upon the remaining power of Elysion to purify the Earth and cover it in protective crystals, then collapses. Zirconia rises up, silhouetted against the blackened moon, and traps the Senshi in nightmares.

In the Secret Base, Luna, Artemis, and Diana watch as the Earth is enveloped in darkness. Luna worries because none of the Senshi are answering her, which makes Diana panic and start to run off to join Small Lady. The other two cats stop her, telling her to have faith that the Senshi will not be defeated so easily.

Tuxedo Mask breaks free of the nightmare spell and wakes the others. With new determination, they combine their powers and attack Zirconia, who retreats into the mirror, where only Super Sailor Moon is able to follow.

In the mirror land, Super Sailor Moon encounters Queen Nehellenia and sees fragments of a shattered mirror and four Amazon Stones at the Queen's feet. She senses the presence of Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn in the glass fragments, and despite Nehellenia's attempt to stop her, she uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to free the two Senshi. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter attack the mirror from the outside and shatter it, which hurts Nehellenia and Zirconia. Saturn gathers up the four stones just as mirrors shatter around them, and the Dead Moon Circus disappears. Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask realize the enemy has gone to Elysion and decide to follow, but when they ask the Senshi to stay behind and guard the surface world the others refuse and insist on going along.

Once everyone arrives in Elysion, they are met by the Maenads, who lead them to the cage where Helios lies, apparently lifeless after using the last of his power. Super Sailor Chibi Moon clutches the Crystal Carillon to herself, refusing to believe that he could be dead. The other Senshi suddenly sense evil energy and turn to find the Dead Moon ship approaching, and Queen Nehellenia standing in the darkness behind a shattered mirror.

Queen Nehellenia greets Sailor Moon as Princess Serenity of the White Moon Kingdom, then declares herself to also be queen of a Moon Kingdom. She says that the planet belongs to the Moon Kingdom, and now is the time to decide which of them is the true ruler. Sailor Moon says the planet belongs to the people of the planet, who have been attacked by Nehellenia's nightmares. Nehellenia draws back into her mirror and Super Sailor Moon attacks it with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. The attack rebounds, however, and as the Sailor Senshi fall through the kaleidoscope of shattered glass, they see a vision of the past.

At the celebration of Princess Serenity's birth during the Silver Millennium, the Four Guardian Deities pledge themselves to the new princess. The dark queen of the new moon, Nehellenia, appears from the darkness behind a mirror, asking why she was not invited. At the time the Moon Kingdom was full of light, and no one had noticed when the light attracted darkness to it, bringing those such as she to dwell deep below. Queen Serenity tells the uninvited guest that if she comes in peace she is welcome, but she will not be allowed to spread evil darkness. Nehellenia tells her that they came from the same place and that light and darkness are one, but Serenity refuses to listen, and seals her away within the mirror. As she fades away, Nehellenia curses the kingdom to fall and the newborn princess to die before she can inherit the throne.

The Senshi refuse to believe this curse brought about the downfall of the Silver Millennium, and while they're distracted, Nehellenia tears the Silver Crystal away from Super Sailor Moon, who doubles over, coughing up blood. Tuxedo Mask rushes to her and also begins to cough, but as Nehellenia lashes out at everyone with her dark power, he tells himself he must be strong. Usagi reaches out to Tuxedo Mask, who takes her hand and draws her in for a kiss. Their combined power overcomes Nehellenia's darkness and draws the Silver Crystal back again. The restored Super Sailor Moon declares that power cannot be obtained, only created, and you can't create or use it alone. The symbol of the Moon appears on her forehead as her light grows and envelops the Senshi, who transform into their princess forms, then are joined by the cats in their human forms. The Sailor Power Guardians appear and tell the Sailor Princesses to call upon the power of their castles, sending it to the Holy Grail. Their combined powers transform the Holy Grail into the Holy Moon Cálice, and Super Sailor Moon transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

The Eternal Tiare appears in Eternal Sailor Moon's hand, and as she calls upon the Silver Moon Crystal Power, the Silver Crystal opens into a flower shape. The Sailor Princesses call upon the powers of their Sailor Crystals, transforming into their own Eternal forms, and Tuxedo Mask draws forth the Golden Crystal as well. With their combined power, Eternal Sailor Moon uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss against Queen Nehellenia. As the evil queen is destroyed by the attack she reaches out to Tuxedo Mask, saying she would have ruled together with him, then she is drawn back into her mirror, which begins to dissolve into dust. The cage surrounding Pegasus fades away and the dark moon in the sky disappears, no longer hiding the sun away.

The protective crystals on the surface world fade away and people awaken, wondering what just happened.

As the sun shines on Elysion again, Eternal Sailor Moon remembers a time long ago in her past life, when young Princess Serenity came to Queen Serenity crying because of a story she was told about a monster that lives in the mirror and devours crybabies. The Queen told her that everyone has a star inside of them, with both light and darkness, and if you show fear to the darkness it will grow and devour all of your light, so instead you must let your star shine light in your heart.

Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon runs to Helios, now restored to his human form, and tearfully begs him to open his eyes. As she kisses him, her Silver Crystal emerges and opens into a pink flower shape. He opens his eyes and recognizes her as Princess Lady Serenity. Diana approaches and tells her that all Senshi have their own Sailor Crystals, and hers is the Pink Moon Crystal, and the power of that crystal was what woke Helios. He realizes that she was truly the maiden he was searching for all along.

Helios turns to see Eternal Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and realizes that the Golden Crystal has been unsealed. He takes the Crystal and attaches it to a scepter, and when Tuxedo Mask takes it back he and Eternal Sailor Moon transform into their royal forms. The two of them use their powers to redirect the dust from Nehellenia's mirror into the fading remnants of the eclipse and it disappears. Most of the Senshi shift back into their princess forms, and Artemis comments that it looks like a coronation.

Eternal Sailor Saturn holds the Amazon Stones out to Serenity and asks her to use the Silver Moon Crystal Power on them. The Amazoness Quartet emerge, restored to their true forms: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta. They were sleeping until the time they would be needed, but Queen Nehellenia found them and forced them to serve her. For now they will return to their sleep, but in the future they will awaken to serve Sailor Chibi Moon once she is a full-fledged Sailor Senshi, and Sailor Saturn assures them that she will be protected until that time.

Helios summons his pegasus and rides it to escort everyone back to the surface once more. As he bids them farewell, Chibiusa asks if they will meet again, and he assures her that they certainly will, and he will be looking forward to that day. As he vanishes, Chibiusa thinks that someday, when she's become a lady, she wants Helios to be her prince.

Mamoru observes that he can still feel a warmth in his chest, like a star has been born, and wonders if it is the power of the Golden Crystal. Usagi replies that everyone has a star inside their heart, and that warmth means it is shining bright. She hopes that her own star will continue to shine, so everyone can realize their dreams, protect their precious ones, and continue to fight.



  • Elysion appeared for the first time.
  • This was the first animated Sailor Moon movie to air in Japanese theaters since the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, based on the first anime series, which was released 25 years earlier. It was also the first movie to feature Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn, and the first time that a story arc of Crystal took the form of a theatrical movie instead of a season with episodes, a concept that would be kept for the final arc.
  • In the previous seasons of Crystal, Luna's eye color was red like in the anime, but in these movies, her eyes were blue like in the manga. Similarly, Princess Serenity's hair was previously blonde, but was white in these movies.
  • When Rei and Minako first attempted to transform in the first movie, they called out "Mars Star Power, Make Up" and "Venus Planet Power, Make Up," respectively, instead of their then-current transformation phrases. Both of those transformation phrases required the use of the Star Power Stick in Crystal, but neither one tried to use any transformation items at those points in the movie.
  • In the original theatrical version, when Princess Pluto and Princess Saturn performed Pluto Crystal Power and Saturn Crystal Power in the second movie, respectively, their gloves were missing, but this was fixed for the Netflix and DVD releases. Similarly, the background of Sailor Uranus' transformation sequence showed the planet Jupiter instead of Uranus in the theatrical version, which was fixed for the Netflix and DVD versions.
  • The English dub of this movie included honorifics in the dialogue, which was not present in previous dubs.
  • This was the first time in the German dub of Crystal that the transformation and attack phrases were translated instead of being left in English and the first time that honorifics were included in the dialogue. It was also the only time Akuryo Taisan was left in Japanese instead of being translated as "Weiche, böser Geist" (Go away, evil spirit).
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