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Sailor Moon in France refers to Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in France.


France was the first foreign country to screen the Sailor Moon anime, which premiered in the country in December 1993. Like the Americans, the French did not get the rights to Stars and ended the series at SuperS. Only the SuperS season was ever released on DVD, but it was incomplete because the license expired. The release was also out of order, as it started at episode 149 and used images of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and the Moonlight Knight.

Censorship and Changes

  • Haruka and Michiru's relationship was explained away by saying that Haruka pretended to be a man in civilian form to hide her identity, and Michiru pretended to be "his" girlfriend.
  • Fisheye was changed to be female, but the moment where "he" showed his chest was kept.
  • Artemis was changed to be female in some episodes, but later people referred to him as "he." Luna remained female, however.
  • Many cultural references were removed and scenes showing Japanese writing were cut.

Character Names

The French dub changed some characters' names without explanation during the show: for example, An was first called "Annette" in episode 47 but was then called "Anne" in episode 59, and Naru and Umino changed from "Nanou" and "Marc" to "Nina" and "Joël," respectively, in episode 133.

Japanese French
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Rivière
Mamoru Chiba Bourdu
Ami Mizuno Molly
Rei Hino Raya Hino
Makoto Kino Marcy Maurane
Minako Aino Mathilda (Amélie)
Haruka Tenou Frédérique
Michiru Kaiou Mylène
Setsuna Meiou Sylvana
Hotaru Tomoe Olivia Williams
Chibiusa Camille
Tuxedo Mask L'Homme Masqué
Moonlight Knight Le Chevalier du Clair de Lune
Naru Osaka Nanou
Nina (ep 131 only)
Gurio Umino Marc
Joel (ep 131 only)
Shingo Tsukino Charlie
Yuuichirou Kumada Théodore Lambert
Ail/Seijuurou Ginga Alex/Serge Antonin
An/Natsumi Ginga Anne/Nathalie Antonin
Rubeus Robin
Koan Carole
Berthier Bérénice
Calaveras Sélimène
Petz Perrine
Prince Dimande Prince Diamant
Kaolinite/Kaori Carolina/Carole
Eudial Eugénia
Mimete Babette
Tellu Théodora
Cyprine Emilie
Ptilol Emilia
Tiger's Eye Oeil de Tigre
Hawk's Eye Oeil de Faucon
Fisheye Oeil de Poisson
CereCere Flora
JunJun Nina
VesVes Prisca
PallaPalla Carla

Voice Actors

In the French dub, one actor often played several roles.

Actors Characters
Emmanuelle Pailly Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity (seasons 1-3)
Sylvie Jacob Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity (season 4)
Philippe Ogouz Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué/Le Chevalier du Clair de Lune/Endymion
Raya's Grandfather
Most of the male monsters
Gérard Dessalles Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué (ep 47)
Maurice Sarfati Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué (eps 53-56)
Virginie Ogouz Molly/Sailor Mercury
Sailor Pluton (first voice)
Artémis (second voice)
Queen Metallia
Annette/Nathalie Antonin
Mistress 9
Queen Nehellenia
Charlie (first episodes)
Claude Chantal Raya/Sailor Mars (first voice)
Artémis (first voice)
Ikuko-mama (first voice)
Many monsters
Francine Lainé Raya/Sailor Mars (second voice)
Sailor Uranus
Carolina (second voice)
Ikuko-mama (second voice)
Marie-Laure Beneston Raya/Sailor Mars (eps 62-67)
Françoise Pavy Raya/Sailor Mars (eps 84-89)
Agnès Gribe Marcy/Sailor Jupiter
Mylène/Sailor Neptune
Sylvana/Sailor Pluton (second voice)
Olivia/Sailor Saturne
Queen Serenity
Queen Beryl
Black Lady
Oeil de Poisson
Melle/Sabine Rose
Some monsters
Amélie Morin Mathilda/Sailor Vénus
Camille/Sailor Chibi Moon
Mylène (first appearances)
Annabelle Roux Mathilda/Sailor Vénus (eps 48-52)
Sophie Gormezzano Mathilda/Sailor Vénus
Camille (eps 84-89)
Mark Lesser Frédérique (first appearances)
Alex/Serge Antonin
Prince Diamand
Théodore (second voice)
François Leccia Jadeite
Professor Williams
Oeil de Tigre
Théodore (first voice)
Olivier Destrez Oeil de Faucon
Julie Turin Xénian

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original French Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Pouvoir du Prisme Lunaire, transforme-moi ! Moon Prism Power, transform me!
Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir Suprême, viens a mon secours ! Supreme Power, come to my rescue!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir Suprême, transforme-moi ! Supreme Power, transform me!
Moon Tiara Action Frisbee Lunaire ! Agis tout de suite ! Moon Frisbee! Act immediately!
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Princess Halation
Cicatrisation Lunaire ! Exécution ! Moon Healing! Execution!
Moon Crystal Power Pouvoir du Prisme Lunaire, agit tout de suite ! Moon Prism Power, act immediately!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Cicatrisation Lunaire ! Exécution ! Moon Healing! Execution!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Kaléidoscope Lunaire ! Action ! Moon Kaleidoscope! Action!

Sailor Mercury

Original French Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Mercure, transforme-moi !
Pouvoir du Cristal de Mercure, transforme-moi!
Mercury power, transform me!
Mercury Crystal Power, transform me!
Sabão Spray
Sabão Spray Freezing
Double Sabão Spray Freezing
Shine Aqua Illusion
Paillettes d'argent, agissez tout de suite ! Silver sparkles, act immediately!

Sailor Mars

Original French Translation
Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Mars, transforme-moi !
Pouvoir du Cristal de Mars, transforme-moi!
Mars power, transform me!
Mars Crystal Power, transform me!
Fire Soul
Fire Soul Bird
Burning Mandala
Âme du Feu, agit tout de suite ! Fire Soul, act immediately!

Sailor Jupiter

Original French Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Jupiter, transforme-moi !
Pouvoir du Cristal de Jupiter, transforme-moi!
Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, transform me!
Supreme Thunder
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Eclair Suprême, agit tout de suite ! Supreme Thunder, act immediately!

Sailor Venus

Original French Translation
Venus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Vénus, transforme-moi !
Pouvoir du Cristal de Vénus, transforme-moi!
Venus power, transform me!
Venus Crystal Power, transform me!
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Venus Love-Me Chain
Croissants d'amour, agissez tout de suite ! Love Crescents, act immediately!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original French Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Pouvoir du Prisme Lunaire, transforme-moi ! Moon Prism Power, transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir Suprême, transforme-moi ! Supreme Power, transform me!
Twinkle Yell S'il te plait Pégase, protège les rêves des gens ! Carillon de Cristal, sonne ! Please Pegasus, protect the dreams of the people! Crystal Carillon, ring!

Sailor Uranus

Original French Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir d'Uranus, transforme-moi ! Uranus power, transform me!
World Shaking Cercle de Feu, brûle ! Circle of Fire, burn!

Sailor Neptune

Original French Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Neptune, transforme-moi ! Neptune power, transform me!
Deep Submerge Cercle de Glace, gêle ! Circle of Ice, freeze!

Sailor Pluto

Original French Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Pluton, transforme-moi ! Pluto power, transform me!
Dead Scream Globes de Pluton, roule ! Globes of Pluto, roll!


The manga was published in France by a company called Glénat. It was released from 1995-1999 in paperback book editions, most of which had the same covers as the Japanese editions. The back of each book had no summary and simply featured art from one of the artbooks. Each of the covers was extra-long and folded over, to create cover flaps which also had art from the artbooks. The front cover flap gave a summary of the volume, and the back listed books previous to that one in the series. The logo used was the one from the artbooks, minus "Pretty Soldier" in Japanese, and each volume was given its own title. Three of the French manga covers were printed with mixed-up covers: volume one had the cover for volume two, volume two had the cover for volume six, and volume six had the cover for volume one.

Most of the dialogue in the French editions was accurate, and there were very few alterations of Japanese elements. The only major change in this regard was that Rei Hino became Catholic and her chant was changed to "Vade retro, satanas !" ("Go back, demon!", a Latin exorcism). Her school's name was also changed to the "Saint Anne Academy for Girls."

The bulk of the main characters had the same or similar names as the Japanese version. However, the attacks and transformations were not given exact translations, and some were never called the same thing twice. The villains' names were also very different, and many had their genders changed: Kaolinite became "Elvira," Zirconia became a man, the Amazon Trio were all-female (and Hawk's Eye was named "Oak"), and the Amazoness Quartet were never given names.

In addition, there were some mistakes such as referring to the previously named "Rubis" as "Zoisite" in the short story "Casablanca Memory." A few other characters were given different names for no apparent reason: Sailor Mercury became "Sailor Mercure" by the third book and Séverine was once called "Setusna."

There is a common misconception among fans that Haruka Tenou became a man for the French manga, but this was not the case. She was referred to as "he" at first, before anyone knew she was female. After her identity was discovered, she was always referred to as "she," and her feminine figure was undeniable even outside of sailor uniform. The relationship between Haruka and Michiru remained vague; when they first appeared and Haruka was thought to be male, they were referred to as boyfriend and girlfriend, but later they were called "best friends."

The first artbook was also licensed by Glénat and was released in a hardcover format with the liner notes translated.

Character Names

Japanese French
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino
Mamoru Chiba Manoru Chiba
Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno
Rei Hino Raya Hino
Makoto Kino Mako Kino
Minako Aino Minako Aïno
Haruka Tenou Frédéric Tenno
Michiru Kaiou Mylène Kaio
Setsuna Meiou Séverine Meio
Hotaru Tomoe Olivia Tomoe
Chibiusa Mini-Bunny
Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Mini Moon
Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Masqué


  • Haruka's name in the French manga was "Frédéric," which is a name spelling used only for men ("Frédérique" is the feminine spelling). This was a possible reason why many fans believed that her gender had been changed in the manga.
  • Minako, though she was renamed "Mathilda" in the French dub, was sometimes called "Amélie Morin." This was the name of the voice actress who provided her voice.
  • In episode 93, Bunny said that Mathilda was fluent in Spanish.
  • Instead of "odango atama", Frédérique calls Bunny "Face de Lune" (Moon Face).
  • François Leccia, an actor who played a number of roles in the French dub, died in 2009.