Sailor Moon in Hungary

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Sailor Moon in Hungary refers to Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in Hungary. In Hungary, the series is released under the title Varázslatos Álmok meaning "Magical Dreams."


  • The Hungarian dub of the anime was based off the French dub so many of the French influences remained in the series. The characters given the same names the were given in the French dub and the censorship and changes of the French dub remained in this dub too. The same title card sequence of the French dub was still used and a lector would translate the episode's title from French to Hungarian. The anime was shown on RTL Klub in Hungary.

Voice actors

In the Hungarian dub, one actor often played several roles.

Actors Characters
Csondor Kata Bunny Riviére/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity
Mics Ildikó Molly/Sailor Mercury
Dögei Éva Raya/Sailor Mars
Kiss Eszter Marcy/Sailor Jupiter
Kiss Virág Mathilda/Sailor Venus
Simonyi Piroska Frédérique/Sailor Uranus


Little is known about the Hungarian translation of the manga. What is known about it is that it was translated by the Swedish-Hungarian company Semic Imprint.