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Sailor Moon in Mexico refers to the Mexican versions of the Sailor Moon series.


The Sailor Moon anime was dubbed by Intertrack. The dubbing was directed by Gloria Rocha for the first season, and by Patricia Acevedo for the second through fifth seasons. Patricia also provided the voice for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in the dub.

All five seasons were dubbed, as were the three movies. None of the specials were dubbed. All of the episodes were aired without major changes except for episode 89, which was the only episode never dubbed.

The show was aired on Mexican local station TV Azteca from 1996-1999. At first it was aired Monday-Friday from 15:00-16:00, but it was later moved to Saturdays from 11:00-12:00.

No DVDs were released, but the Mexican Shōjo magazine had been asking the readers to send petitions to the DVD companies for release at least the first season on DVD. The lack of DVDs has impelled Latin American Sailor Moon fans to release bootleg Sailor Moon DVDs, including the entire dubbed anime series and dubbed/subtitled movies, at anime stores and/or conventions.

In 2011 Towers Entertainment began to release remastered DVDs in Mexico and Latin America. These sets were contained in a metal box that played phrases spoken by different voice actresses, and included four discs with Japanese and Spanish tracks, Spanish subtitles, and remastered video and audio taken from the R2 DVDs. They also also included the episode previews, which had previously not been dubbed into Spanish.

  • Talk Box Moon - released November 6, 2011, contained episodes 1-23 and featured the voice of Patricia Acevedo as Sailor Moon.
  • Talk Box Mercury - released July 14, 2012, contained episode 24-46, and featured the voice of Rossy Aguirre as Sailor Mercury.
  • Talk Box Mars - released April 29, 2013, contained episodes 47-69 and featured the voice of Mónica Manjarrez as Sailor Mars.

The fourth box set, "Talk Box Jupiter," is scheduled for release at the end of 2013. Since Sailor Jupiter's dub actress Araceli de León died in 1999, this box set will be voiced by Araceli's daughter Mariana Ortiz, who is also a dub actress and has a similar voice.


Only the theme songs "Moonlight Densetsu" and "Heart Moving" were dubbed (as "La Leyenda de la Luz de Luna" and "En Mi Sueño," respectively), so these songs were used for the entire series, including the movies. The only other song from the original which was dubbed was "Maboroshi no Ginzuishou," which was used when Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal appeared for the first time. The Spanish version of these songs were performed by Marisa De Lille.

The original Japanese versions of the insert songs in episodes 40, 46, 49, 54, 62, 68, 99, 154, 159, 185, 190, 192, and 195 remained unchanged. In episode 200, "Sailor Star Song" was replaced with an instrumental version. In episode 161, "Sailor Team no Theme" was replaced with an instrumental version of "Moonlight Densetsu." In episode 189, "Nagareboshi He" was replaced with unrelated background music. Any other insert song was removed.


In the Mexican dub, the Inner Senshi were called "Sailor Scouts," the same as in the English dub. The Outer Senshi were called "Sailor Guerreras" (Sailor Warriors). Sailor Pluto's name was changed to "Sailor Plut;" this was reportedly because of copyright issues with Disney, but no official reason was ever given. In most cases, the Senshi's civilian names were changed to use the English dub names for the first two seasons, though with their original surname (for example, instead of becoming "Molly Baker," Naru was "Molly Osaka"). Some characters had different names, however; for example, Umino was "Kelvin" in the first two seasons and "Kevin" in the third and fourth, while Yuuichirou was dubbed "Nicholas." From near the end of the second season onwards, however, most of the new characters kept their original names; Momoko, the exception, was renamed "Momo." The Dark Kingdom was called the "Negaverse," and the Shitennou were given the same names as in the English dub. Almost all the Youma were kept unnamed, and were sometimes simply referred to as "Maligna" or "Morgana."

Ail and An were named "Alan" and "Ann," and their civilian names were "Steven Alpha" and "Melissa Alpha." The Cardians were called "Naipes," the Spanish word for playing cards.

The Spectre Sisters were renamed "Las Hermanas de la Persecución" (The Hunting Sisters), and were given the names of the actual minerals from which the original names were derived, so they were Kermesite, Berthierite, Calaverite, and Petzite. Rubeus kept his name, but the other members of the Black Moon Clan were given the Spanish-translated versions of their namesake gems; Esmeraude became "Esmeralda," Saphir became "Zafiro," and Prince Dimande became "Diamante." Black Lady was referred to as "La Dama de la Oscuridad" (The Lady of Darkness). Droids were called "Droidos."

Most of the villains in Sailor Moon S either kept their names or had them directly translated, as in "Dama 9" (Mistress 9) or "Faraón 90" (Pharaoh 90). The only exceptions to this were Eudial, who was renamed "Yuyal," and Kaolinite, who was renamed "Kaolinette." The Death Busters were once referred to as "Los Cazadores de la Muerte" (The Death Hunters), but later their name was kept as a direct translation. The Daimons were called "Demonios" (Demons).

In the Sailor Moon SuperS season, most of the main villains' names were either kept or directly translated, though Queen Nehellenia became "Queen Neherenia." Hawk's Eye became "Ojo de Águila" (Eagle's Eye) for unknown reasons, and PallaPalla became "ParaPara." The Lemures became either "Sombras" (Shadows) or "Comesueños" (Dream-Eaters). In the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, Perle became "Peruru," Poupelin became "Púrpura" (Purple), and Queen Badiane became "Miss Vadiyanu."

Sailor Galaxia and the Sailor Animamates kept their names, although they were pronounced like the Japanese version (e.g. "Aluminum Seilen" or "Red Kurow"), but the Phages were referred to as "Zombies." Princess Kakyuu was called "Princesa de Fuego" (Princess of Fire), or "Princesa del Planeta de Fuego" (Princess of the Fire Planet).


Compared to the English dub, there was only minor censorship.

Zoisite and Fisheye were both changed to be women, just like in the English dub, but starting from episode 137, there were some hints that Fisheye was a man, and starting from episode 140, Fisheye became officially a man instead. He still had the same female dub actress, however, which led many Mexican fans to believe that Fisheye was a woman.

The Holy Grail was renamed as the "Copa Lunar" (Moon Cup), and the Messiah was mentioned once by that name and later renamed to "Enviado del Bien" (Envoy of Good) or "Enviado del Mal" (Envoy of Evil). Star Gentle Uterus was also changed in its translation, and became "Estrella de Sailor Maker" (Star of Sailor Maker).

In episode 104, instead of talking about his "little elephant," Shinnosuke yelled "Por el Poder del Prisma Lunar," Sailor Moon's first transformation command.

Other than that, no censorship was done; the Senshi deaths, the nude scenes, and Haruka and Michiru's relationship all remained. The Sailor Starlights still changed gender when they transformed, and were even given different voice actors in their male and female forms.


In the original, Mamoru called Usagi "odango atama," a reference to her hairstyle. In the Mexican dub, Darien called her "cabeza de chorlito," which translates approximately as "scatterbrain" or "airhead." Instead of teasing her about her hair, he was actually being rude to her. Haruka called her "cabeza de bombón" (marshmallow head). Seiya called her "bombón" (a cute way of saying "babe"). Mamoru called Serena by name instead of a pet name, and Usagi called him "mi Darien" (my Darien).

Sailor Moon's trademark "I will punish you" speech was translated into two different forms. The first one, which was used for almost the entire series, was, "Soy una Sailor Scout que lucha por el amor y la justicia, soy Sailor Moon! Y te castigaré en el nombre de la Luna!" (I am a Sailor Scout who fights for love and justice, I am Sailor Moon! And I will punish you in the name of the Moon!). The second version, which appeared only in a few of the first episodes, was, "Defiendo el amor y la justicia, soy una Sailor Scout con traje de marinero, soy Sailor Moon! Y te voy a castigar en el nombre de la Luna!" (Defending love and justice, I am a sailor-suited Sailor Scout, I am Sailor Moon! And I will punish you in the name of the Moon!).

In the third season, the Outer Senshi's speech was, "¡Formo parte de una nueva era, soy Sailor Uranus y entraré en acción! ¡Lo mismo digo yo, soy Sailor Neptune y entraré en acción!" (I am part of a new era, I am Sailor Uranus and I will enter the battle! I also say the same, I am Sailor Neptune and I am going to enter the battle!). Their fifth season speech was, "Mi planeta protector es Urano, el planeta del viento, soy la Sailor del aire, Sailor Uranus. Mi planeta protector es Neptuno, el planeta de las profundidades marinas, soy la Sailor del agua, Sailor Neptune. Mi planeta protector es Plutón, el planeta del tiempo, soy la Sailor del cambio, Sailor Plut. Las tres Sailor Scouts que protegen el sistema solar han venido a luchar" (My planet protector is Uranus, the planet of wind, I am the Sailor of the air, Sailor Uranus. My planet protector is Neptune, the planet of the deep sea, I am the Sailor of water, Sailor Neptune. My planet protector is Pluto, the planet of time, I am the Sailor of change, Sailor Plut. The three Sailor Scouts who protect the Solar System, have come to fight!). Sailor Saturn's speech was, "Mi planeta protector es Saturno, el planeta del silencio, soy la Sailor del nacimiento y de la destrucción, Sailor Saturn" (My planet protector is Saturn, the planet of silence, I am the Sailor of birth and destruction, Sailor Saturn).

The "dream, dream" phrase recited by members of the Dead Moon Circus was, "Los sueños se pueden convertir en pesadillas, lo que menos quiere un niño es convertirse en adulto" (Dreams can turn into nightmares, the last thing a child wants is to become an adult).

The Sailor Starlights' individual speech was, "Soy una estrella fugaz que lucha contra la oscuridad, ¡Sailor Star _______, ha llegado!" (I am a shooting star that fights against the darkness, Sailor Star _______, has arrived!). Their group speech was, "Pasamos por la oscuridad de la noche. Y también por la atmósfera de este planeta. Somos tres estrellas fugaces, ¡Sailor Star Fighter! ¡Sailor Star Maker! ¡Sailor Star Healer! ¡Las Sailor Starlights, han llegado! ¡Haw!" (We pass through the darkness of the night. And also too through the atmosphere of this planet. We are three shooting stars, Sailor Star Fighter! Sailor Star Maker! Sailor Star Healer! The Sailor Starlights, we have arrived! Haw!).

When the Spectre Sisters were turned into humans, they cried out, "¡Transformación!" (Transformation!). When Moon Healing Escalation was used on most of the Youma they said, "¡Me transformo!" (I'm transforming!). When Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache were used, some Daimons cried out, "¡Hermoso!" (Beautiful!) or "¡Encantador!" (Lovely!). When Moon Gorgeous Meditation was used, the Lemures cried out, "¡Fin de la función!" (Show's Over!). When healed with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss or Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, the Phage cried out, "¡Hermoso!" (Beautiful!).

Voice Actors

Actors Characters
Patricia Acevedo Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Rossy Aguirre Amy Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Mónica Manjarrez Raye Hino/Sailor Mars
Araceli de León Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter
María Fernanda Morales Mina Aino/Sailor Venus
Irma Carmona Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune
Belinda Martínez Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus
Anabel Méndez Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Plut
Cristina Hernández Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon (episode 61 onwards, except movies)
Vanesa Garcel Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon (episode 60 and movies)
Cristina Camargo Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
Luna (episodes 178-180)
Rocío Garcel Luna
Salvador Delgado Artemis
Cony Madera Diana
Genaro Vásquez Darien/Tuxedo Mask (episodes 1-60)
Gerardo Reyero Darien/Tuxedo Mask (episodes 61-200)
Irwin Dayaan Seiya Kou
Mónica Villaseñor Sailor Star Fighter
Sergio Bonilla Yaten Kou
Circe Luna Sailor Star Healer
José Gilberto Vílchis Taiki Kou
Norma Echevarría Sailor Star Maker

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original Spanish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder del Prisma Lunar! By the power of the Moon Prism!
Moon Power ni nare! Poder Lunar, transfórmame... Moon Power, transform me...
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder del Cristal Lunar, Transformación!
¡Por el poder del Cristal Lunar! (eps 56, 57, 59-65)
By the power of the Moon Crystal, Transformation!
By the power of the Moon Crystal!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up ¡Poder Cósmico Lunar, Transformación! Moon Cosmic Power, Transformation!
Crisis, Make Up ¡Metamorfósis Lunar, Acción! Moon Metamorphosis, Action!
Moon Crisis, Make Up ¡Doble Poder Cósmico Lunar, Acción! Double Moon Cosmic Power, Action!
Moon Eternal, Make Up ¡Eternal Sailor Moon, Transformación! Eternal Sailor Moon, Transformation!
Moon Tiara Action ¡Tiara Lunar, Acción! Moon Tiara, Action!
Moon Tiara Stardust ¡Tiara Lunar, Polvo Estelar! Moon Tiara, Stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation ¡Curación Lunar, Acción! Moon Healing, Action!
Moon Princess Halation ¡Por el Poder del Halo de la Princesa!
¡Por el Poder del Halo de la Princesa de la Luna, Transfórmate!
By the Power of the Princess' Halo!
By the Power of the Moon Princess' Halo, Transform!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack ¡Espiral Lunar del Corazón, Ataca! Moon Spiral of the Heart, Attack!
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache ¡Arcoiris Lunar del Corazón, Ataca! Moon Rainbow of the Heart, Attack!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation ¡Sublime Meditación Lunar! Sublime Moon Meditation!
Moon Crisis Power ¡Poder Cósmico Lunar! Moon Cosmic Power!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss ¡Dulce Luz de Estrella de las Sailor Scouts! Sweet Starlight of the Sailor Scouts!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss ¡Por el Poder del Cristal de la Luna Plateada! By the Power of the Silver Moon Crystal!

Sailor Mercury

Original Spanish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder de Mercurio! By the Power of Mercury!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder Estelar de Mercurio, Transformación! By the Star Power of Mercury, Transformation!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Cristal del Planeta Mercurio, Transformación! By the Power of the Mercury Planet Crystal, Transformation!
Sabão Spray ¡Burbujas de Mercurio, Estallen! Mercury Bubbles, Explode!
Sabão Spray Freezing ¡Burbujas Congelantes, Estallen! Freezing Bubbles, Explode!
Double Sabão Spray Freezing ¡Burbujas Dobles de Mercurio, Congelen! Double Mercury Bubbles, Freeze!
Shine Aqua Illusion ¡Fulgor del Agua de Mercurio! Brilliance of the Water of Mercury!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody ¡Sailor Mercury, Raspodia Acuática de Mercurio! Sailor Mercury, Mercury Aquatic Rhapsody!

Sailor Mars

Original Spanish Translation
Mars Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder de Marte! By the power of Mars!
Mars Star Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder Estelar de Marte, Transformación! By the Star Power of Mars, Transformation!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Cristal del Planeta Marte, Transformación! By the Power of the Mars Planet Crystal, Transformation!
Akuryo Taisan ¡Espíritu Maligno, Desaparece! Evil Spirit, Begone!
Fire Soul
Fire Soul Bird
¡Fuego de Marte, Enciendete! Mars Fire, Ignite!
Burning Mandala ¡Fuego de Marte, Enciendete!
¡Fuego Sagrado de Marte, Enciendete!
Mars Fire, Ignite!
Mars Sacred Fire, Ignite!
Mars Flame Sniper ¡Sailor Mars, Saeta Llameante de Marte! Sailor Mars, Mars Flaming Arrow!

Sailor Jupiter

Original Spanish Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder de Jupiter! By the Power of Jupiter!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder Estelar de Júpiter, Transformación! By the Star Power of Jupiter, Transformation!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder del Cristal del Planeta Júpiter, Transformación! By the Power of the Jupiter Planet Crystal, Transformation!
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
¡Trueno de Júpiter, Resuena! Jupiter Thunder, Resound!
Sparkling Wide Pressure ¡Centella Relampagueante de Júpiter! Sparkling Lightning of Jupiter!
Jupiter Oak Evolution ¡Sailor Jupiter, Ataque de Hojas del Roble de Júpiter! Sailor Jupiter, Jupiter Oak Leaves Attack!

Sailor Venus

Original Spanish Translation
Venus Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder de Venus! By the Power of Venus!
Venus Star Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder Estelar de Venus, Transformación! By the Star Power of Venus, Transformation!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Por el poder del Cristal del Planeta Venus, Transformación! By the power of the Venus Planet Crystal, Transformation!
Crescent Beam ¡Rayo Creciente de Venus, Fulmina! Venus Crescent Ray, Strike!
Crescent Beam Shower ¡Cascada de Venus, Fulmina! Venus Cascade, Strike!
Venus Love-Me Chain ¡Cadena de Amor de Venus! Venus Love Chain!
Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain ¡Cadena de Amor de Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon Love Chain!
Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots ¡Rayo Creciente de Venus! Venus Crescent Ray!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock ¡Sailor Venus, Beso de Amor y Belleza de Venus! Sailor Venus, Venus Kiss of Love and Beauty!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Spanish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Prisma Lunar! By the power of Moon Prism!
Moon Crisis, Make Up ¡Doble Poder Cósmico Lunar, Acción! Double Moon Cosmic Power, Action!
Luna P Henge ¡Luna-Pelota, Transfórmate...! Luna-Ball Transform...!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack ¡Dulce Corazón Rosa, Ataca! Sweet Pink Heart, Attack!
Twinkle Yell ¡Llamado Estelar! Star Calling!
Moon Crisis Power ¡Poder Cósmico Lunar! Cosmic Moon Power!

Sailor Uranus

Original Spanish Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Planeta Urano, Transformación! By the Power of the Planet Uranus, Transformation!
World Shaking ¡Tierra, Tiembla! Earth, Tremble!
Space Sword Blaster ¡Espada de Urano, Elimina! Uranus Sword, Eliminate!

Sailor Neptune

Original Spanish Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Planeta Neptuno, Transformación! By the Power of the Planet Neptune, Transformation!
Deep Submerge ¡Maremoto de Neptuno! Neptune Seaquake!
Submarine Reflection ¡Reflejo Submarino! Submarine Reflection!

Sailor Pluto

Original Spanish Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up ¡Por el Poder del Planeta Plutón, Transformación! ¡By the Power of the Planet Pluto, Transformation!
Dead Scream ¡Grito Mortal! Deadly Scream!

Sailor Saturn

Original Spanish Translation
Silence Glaive Surprise ¡Tumba del Silencio, Elimina! Tomb of Silence, Eliminate!
Silence Wall ¡Campo de Energía! Energy Field!

Sailor Star Fighter

Original Spanish Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up ¡Poder de Lucha Estelar, Transformación! Power of Star Fighting, Transformation!
Star Serious Laser ¡Laser de Estrella Fugáz! Shooting Star Laser!

Sailor Star Healer

Original Spanish Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up ¡Poder de Curación Estelar, Transformación! Power of Star Healing, Transformation!
Star Sensitive Inferno ¡Infierno Estelar de Healer! Healer Star Inferno!

Sailor Star Maker

Original Spanish Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up ¡Poder de Creación Estelar, Transformación! Power of Star Creation, Transformation!
Star Gentle Uterus ¡Estrella de Sailor Maker! Star of Sailor Maker!


After the anime was broadcasted and gained popularity, the manga was also published in Mexico. It was translated from the English version released by Mixx, and only the Dream and Stars arcs were released. They were published in several issues, with each issue containing about 96 pages; half of the issue was for Sailor Moon (in blue pages), and the other half was for Magic Knight Rayearth (in pink pages). The manga was less popular than the anime or the anime film comic for the first and second seasons, which were also translated and released.


  • In episode 104, instead of saying that the letter did not have any kanji, Minako said that it had a lot of spelling errors.
  • The second dub actress for Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon, Christina Hernández, and the actor for Pegasus/Helios, Luis Daniel Ramírez, are good friends in real life.
  • Darien was at first voiced by Genaro Vásquez, who had a tenor voice, but in the second half of Sailor Moon R, his actor changed to Gerardo Reyero, who was a baritone.
  • Sailor Jupiter's dub actress, Araceli de León, died of a heart attack in 1999.
  • Kaolinite's dub actress, Liza Willert, died of cancer in 2009.
  • Zirconia's dub actress, Guadalupe Noel, died of natural causes in 2009.
  • Sailor Star Maker's dub actress, Norma Echevarría, died of multiple sclerosis complications on October 27th, 2013.