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Swedish TV logo.

Sailor Moon in Sweden refers to the Swedish translations of the Sailor Moon anime and the Sailor Moon anime comic.


Translation and Channels[edit]

The Swedish dub was produced by Pangljud, and included the show's first and second seasons. It premiered in Sweden on February 25, 1996, airing at 9:35 am on TV4's weekend morning children's programming block "Junior." This run skipped episodes 15 and 18, and ended at episode 23; the show did not return until January 17, 1999, at which point it began airing every Sunday at 9:35 am. In the second run all episodes up to episode 76 were shown, including the two omitted episodes, but skipping episode 4; the show ended again in December 2000. In June 2001, TV4 started airing the show for the last time, beginning from episode 21. After episode 88 was shown on September 10, 2001, TV4 let their license expire, and they stated they would not renew it again. The dub was later sold to Kanal 5, where it ran from November 7, 2002 until July 8, 2004. Kanal 5 skipped episode 88 the first two times the series aired, for unknown reasons, but it was aired in subsequent broadcasts.

Scanbox Sweden released three VHS tapes, with two episodes each, on Christmas 1996 which featured episodes 1-7, with the exception of episode 4. In late 2000, TV4 Vision released episodes 1-18 on 6 VHS tapes through Warner Home Video, each containing 3 episodes. Those tapes used cover art from the German video release and featured artwork from Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS, which were never dubbed nor broadcast in Swedish.

The Swedish TV translation was made by Olav F. Andersen, who also wrote new Swedish lyrics for the opening and ending songs, and doubled as a voice actor. He translated the dialogue from English-language scripts that were provided by Toei; he has later remarked that the scripts' linguistic quality was "atrocious."

The Swedish dub has also been shown in Finland on SubTV, with Finnish subtitles. The Swedish-Finnish translation was done by Arja Sundelin.

The translations described below refer to the Swedish TV dub, not necessarily to the Swedish editions of the anime film comic.

In September 2011, the first four episodes of the dub were shown during an official event hosted by Toei Animation Europe called "Animevolution."


Original Swedish
Usagi Tsukino Annie Tsukino
Ami Mizuno Ami Mizuno
Rei Hino Rai Hino
Makoto Kino Mako Kino
Makoto (episode 55)
Minako Aino Arianne Aino
Sailor V Sailor Fem (Sailor Five)
Chibiusa Chibusa
Mamoru Chiba Mamoru Jiba
Tuxedo Mask Maskerade Rosen(Masked Rose)
Moonlight Knight Månljusets Riddare(Knight of Moonlight)
Queen Serenity Drottning Selene
Queen Beryl Drottning Morga
Jadeite Jedyte
Nephrite Neflite
Zoisite Zoysite
Kunzite Kunta
Ail Ale (pronounced "ah-leh")
Prince Dimande Prins Diamund
Saphir Saffir
Koan Kermasite
Berthier Bertesite
Calaveras Calver
Petz Petzite
Esmeraude Esmeralda
Death Phantom Dödens Fantom (Phantom of Death)
Naru Osaka Lima Osaka
Gurio Umino Umino Gurio
Yuuichirou Kumada Yushi Kumada
Shingo Tsukino Shino Tsukino
Ikuko Tsukino Ikoko Tsukino
  • Some websites claim that Ami's Swedish name was Ami "Muzino." She was called that in the introductory presentation used in episodes 14-25, apparently because of a script typo that was copied into the following episodes, but her last name was given as "Mizuno" in all other instances.
  • In a couple of early episodes, Princess Serenity's name was translated as though it were a phrase, so she was called "the princess of serenity."
  • The dub names of Jadeite and Zoisite were not translations, but were written to be pronounced in Swedish. The same was not true with Nephrite, however; even though his name was spelled with an "e" at the end, the letter was silent in the dub.
  • Saphir's name was directly translated to the Swedish word for the gem: Saffir.

Terms and Item Names[edit]

Original Swedish
Sailor Senshi Sailorhjältinna (Sailor Heroine) (episodes 1-37)
Månhjältinna (Moon Heroine) (episodes 38-69)
Sailorsoldat (Sailor Soldier) (episodes 70-88)
Silver Crystal Den heliga Silverkristallen
(The Holy Silver Crystal)
Shitennou De fyra stora (The Four Great Ones)
Spectre Sisters Hemsökelsens fyra systrar
(the Four Sisters of Affliction)
Makaiju Djävulsträdet (the Devil Tree)
Youma Demon
Cardian Cardian or Tarot monster
Droid Droid or Dryod
Odango Atama Lilla stumpan (see below)
  • Luna P was unnamed in the Swedish translation.
  • The Black Crystal used by Nephrite and Zoisite and the Evil Black Crystal used by the Black Moon clan were both called "den svarta kristallen" (The Black Crystal) in Swedish.
  • "Lilla stumpan" is an affectionate but somewhat condescending way of addressing small girls, which can be translated as "sweetie" or "darling." By using it, the dub Mamoru teases Annie for her youth and/or immaturity, not for her hairstyle.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

  • Episodes 49, 54, and 68 have never been aired in Sweden (though as far as anyone knows, the episodes were dubbed). It was first blamed on "technical errors" with the tapes. A spokesperson later said the error was that the vocal tracks of the songs in those episodes could not be separated from the background music and sound effects, and that the network had skipped the three episodes rather than show Japanese-language singing. Despite this explanation, episode 21 was always aired in every run with the song "Tsukini Kawatte Oshioki yo" intact, but a separate source has confirmed that the presence of "Japanese music videos" in those episodes had been a reason for removing them. In Finland these episodes were aired in Japanese.
  • Episode 89 was never dubbed nor aired. The translator has said that he had 89 scripts delivered to him, but was told not to translate the last one.
  • Some episodes of the R season featured dubbed eyecatches, while the rest used a version without vocals.
  • "Moonlight Densetsu" and "Heart Moving" were the only theme songs given Swedish vocals (both sung by voice actress Annelie Berg; see this page for translations). In episodes 27-46, the second opening and ending animations were replaced with the original ones used at the start of the series, and the new ending song "Princess Moon" was replaced with "Heart Moving." New opening and ending animations from episode 47 onwards were kept. "Otome no Policy" was replaced with "Heart Moving" at first, but from episode 58 the ending music was a karaoke version of "Otome no Policy."
  • Other than in episode 21, and the three removed episodes, all songs heard during episodes were deleted from the Swedish soundtrack (including "Moonlight Densetsu" in episode 46 even though it was available in Swedish). In episode 62, the deleted song "Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte" was replaced by "Heart Moving."
  • Zoisite became a woman. A long-lived fan rumor claimed that the change had been done because having a gay baddie in a children's show in Scandinavian and Nordic countries would be considered homophobic. Official sources have instead claimed that the original Zoisite seemed so feminine to the dubbers that they did not notice the character's voice belonged to a man.

Voice Actors[edit]

The Swedish dub was made for the channel TV4 in the PangLjud (now MorganKane) studios in Stockholm.

Original Swedish
Annelie Berg Annie Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Serenity
Annica Smedius Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Lima's mother
Momoko Momohara
Maria Weisby Rai Hino/Sailor Mars (episodes 1057)
EwaMaria Björkström-Roos Rai Hino/Sailor Mars (episodes 58–88)
Irene Lindh Mako Kino/Sailor Jupiter
Queen Morga
Miss Haruna
Annie's mother
Charlotte Ardai-Jennefors Arianne Aino/Sailor Venus
Queen Selene
Louise Reader Luna
Sailor Pluto
Staffan Hallerstam Artemis
Annie's father
Rai's grandpa
Ale (episodes 58–59)
Prince Diamund
Fredrik Dolk Mamoru Jiba/Maskerade Rosen/Endymion/
Månljusets Riddare (episode 59)
Umino Gurio
FM No. 10 Boss
Anna Norberg Lima Osaka
Queen Metallia
Zoysite's Youma; Kunta's youma
Unazuki Furuhata
Olav F. Andersen Jedyte
Ale (episodes 47–57)
Episode Announcer
Sanna Ekman Zoysite
Jedyte's youma
Most Black Moon droids
Dick Eriksson Motoki Furuhata
Shino Tsukino
Yushi Kumada
Månljusets Riddare (episodes 50–57)
Kyusuke Sarashina
  • Charlotte Ardai-Jennefors was accidentally dropped from the list of voice actors shown during the opening. The fans, who had spent years discussing which of the other actors could be making that voice, did not find out that she had been involved in the show until 2003.

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Månprisman, förvandla mig! (episodes 1-2, 4)
Månprisma, förvandla mig! (episodes 3, 5-10, 12-13, 16-20, 24-47)
Månkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 11, 14-15, 21-23)
Månprismakraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 48 and 51)
Moon prism, transform me!
Moon prism, transform me!
Moon power, transform me!
Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Månkristallkraft, förvandla mig! Moon crystal power, transform me!
Moon Power [disguise] ni nare Månessens, förvandla mig till en...
Månpenna, förvandla mej till en... (episode 52)
Moon essence, transform me into a...
Moon pen, transform me into a...
Moon Tiara Action Måntiara attack! Moon tiara attack!
Moon Tiara Stardust Måntiarans stjärnstoff! Moon tiara's stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation Månläkning, verkställ! Moon healing, execute!
Moon Princess Halation Prinsessläkning, verkställ! Princess healing, execute!
Moon Crystal Power Månkristallkraft
Prinsessläkning, verkställ!
Moon Crystal Power
Princess healing, execute! (episode 71)
Sailor Moon Kick Sailor Moon Attack! Sailor Moon Attack!
Sailor Body Attack Sailor Mega-Attack! Sailor Mega-Attack!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Merkuriuskraft, förvandla mig!
Merkuriuskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episode 58)
Mercury power, transform me!
Mercury crystal power, transform me!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Merkuriuskraft, förvandla mig!
Merkuriuskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 67, 72, 75, and 87)
Mercury power, transform me!
Mercury crystal power, transform me!
Sabão Spray Bubbelspray!
Dubbel bubbelspray! (episode 13)
Silverbubbelspray! (episode 56+)
Bubble spray!
Double bubble spray!
Silver bubble spray!
Sabão Spray Freezing Silverbubbelspray! (episode 53)
Bubbelspray! (episode 57)
Silver bubble spray!
Bubble spray!
Double Sabão Spray Freezing Silverbubbelspray! Silver bubble spray!
Shine Aqua Illusion Silvervattenspray! (episode 62)
Merkurius kraftstråle, attack (episode 67)
Silvervirvelillusion (episode 71+)
Silver water spray!
Mercury power beam, attack!
Silver whirlpool illusion!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Marskraft, förvandla mig!
Marskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episode 58)
Mars power, transform me!
Mars crystal power, transform me!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Marskraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 63 and 71)
Marskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 67, 72+)
Mars power, transform me!
Mars crystal power, transform me!
Fire Soul Eld kraft! (episode 10)
Hämndens eldsjäl! (episode 43)
Eldsol! (episode 55)
Eld och solfågel! (episode 57)
Fire power!
Fire soul!
Fire soul of revenge!
Fire sun!
Fire and sun bird!
Fire Soul Bird Eld och solfågel! Fire and sun bird!
Burning Mandala Eld och solfågel!
Eldsjäl! (episode 72)
Fire and sun bird!
Fire soul!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Jupiterkraft, förvandla mig!
Jupiterkristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episode 58)
Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter crystal power, transform me!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Jupiterkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 65 and 71)
Jupiterkristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 67, 72+)
Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter crystal power, transform me!
Supreme Thunder Blixt och dunder! Thunder and lightning!
Supreme Thunder Dragon Blixt och dunder orkan! Thunder and lightning hurricane!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Jupiter kraftstråle, attack! (episodes 65-71, 78)
Jupiter kraftsfär, attack! (episode 72+)
Jupiter jordfräs, attack! (episode 81 only)
Jupiter power beam, attack!
Jupiter power sphere, attack!
Jupiter cultivator, attack!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Venuskraft, förvandla mig!
Venuskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episode 58)
Venus power, transform me!
Venus crystal power, transform me!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Venuskraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 65 and 71)
Venuskristallkraft, förvandla mig! (episodes 67, 72+)
Venus power, transform me!
Venus crystal power, transform me!
Crescent Beam Venusstråle, attack!
Venus kraftstråle, attack! (episodes 78 and 86)
Venus beam, attack!
Venus power beam, attack!
Crescent Beam Shower Venusstråle, dubbelattack! (episode 52)
Venusstråle, attack! (episode 57)
Venus beam, double attack!
Venus beam, attack!
Venus Love-Me Chain Venus kraftstråle, attack!
Venus kraftsfär, attack! (episodes 78, 82, and 86)
Venus attack! (episode 76)
Venus power beam, attack!
Venus power sphere, attack!
Venus attack!


Original Swedish Translation
Luna P Henge
Luna P Magic
Hokus pokus Hocus pocus

Group Attacks[edit]

Original Swedish Translation
Sailor Teleport Sailor Teleport Sailor Teleport
Sailor Planet Power
Sailor Planet Attack
Sailor Attack Sailor Attack

Anime Comic[edit]

The anime film comic was published in Sweden in two editions, each 48-page issue covering one episode of the anime.

Bonnier Carlsen, one of Sweden's oldest and largest magazine publishers, wanted to release the Sailor Moon manga in 2004, but had to cancel these plans because they could not secure a Swedish license.

First Edition[edit]

The first edition was published by Semic Press between July 1996 and December 1997 and was translated from the Italian version. It was published bimonthly at first, and beginning in 1997, it was published monthly; eventually it returned to being published every other month due to declining sales. Occasionally they would have a small item as an extra, such as sticker puzzles or Sailor Moon paper dolls. There were twelve issues published in total. The editorial staff consisted of Siv Jensing (editor), Birgitta von Schoultz (layout), Karin Thorell (layout for the first issues), Felicia "Luna" Stålkrantz (writer), and one or more unnamed translators.

Cover of issue #3

Issues published in 1996:

  1. Super-flickas kamp mot ondskan! (Super-girl's fight against evil!) - Episode 1
  2. Ondskans boning! (The abode of evil!) - Episode 2
  3. Mysteriet med den mystiske sömn-blommen (The mystery of the mysterious deep-sleep flower) - Episode 3

Issues published in 1997:

  1. Farlig musik (Dangerous music) - Episode 6
  2. Dags för en ny hjältinna: Sailor Mercury! (Time for a new heroine: Sailor Mercury!) - Episode 8
  3. Mysteriet med tiden (The mystery of time) - Episode 9
  4. Välkommen Sailor Mars! (Welcome Sailor Mars!) - Episode 10
  5. Spårlöst försvunnen från drömlandet (Gone without a trace from the Dreamland) - Episode 11
  6. Jedytes undergång (Jedyte's downfall) - Episode 13
  7. Farlig tennis (Dangerous tennis) - Episode 14
  8. Mysteriet med kärleksbreven - (The mystery of love letters) - Episode 19
  9. Den stora maskeradbalen (The grand masquerade ball) - Episode 22

Second edition[edit]

The second edition was published by Egmont monthly between January 2000 and September 2001. The first six issues were reprints from the first edition, but subsequent issues were translated from the German version. Olav F. Andersen assisted with this release, which had a higher budget than the original one. The editorial staff consisted of Tord Jönsson, Anna Ling Meijer (editor), and Carin Bartosch (translator).

The comics skipped from episode episode 28 to episode 47 in 2001, which was done because the publishing company wanted to catch up with the episodes which were then airing on TV.

Cover of issue #12

Issues published in 2000:

  1. Superflickas kamp mot ondskan (Super-girl's fight against evil) - Episode 1
  2. Dags för en ny hjältinna: Sailor Mercury! (Time for a new heroine: Sailor Mercury!) - Episode 8
  3. Möt Sailor Mars! (Meet Sailor Mars!) - Episode 10
  4. Jedytes undergång! (Jedyte's downfall!) - Episode 13
  5. Farlig tennis (Dangerous tennis) - Episode 14
  6. Mysteriet med kärleksbreven (The mystery of love letters) - Episode 19
  7. Limas första kärlek (Lima's first love) - Episode 23
  8. Förräderiet (Betrayal) - Episode 24
  9. Möt Sailor Jupiter... den fjärde Sailor-kämpen! (Meet Sailor Jupiter... the fourth Sailor Warrior!) - Episode 25
  10. Den heliga kristallens splitter (The shards of the sacred crystal) - Episode 26
  11. I en klass för sig (In a class of its own) - Episode 27
  12. Självporträttet (Self-portraits) - Episode 28

Issues published in 2001:

  1. Sailor Moons återkomst (The return of Sailor Moon) - Episode 47
  2. Prorfilmmingen (Pro-filming) - Episode 48
  3. Vårfest (Spring festival) - Episode 51
  4. En kyss, en kyss... (A kiss, a kiss...) - Episode 56
  5. Det mystiska rummet (The mysterious room) - Episode 58
  6. Det mystiska rummet, del 2: Trädets hemlighet (The mysterious room, part 2: the secret of the Tree) - Episode 59
  7. Det okånda bårnet (The unborn child) - Episode 60
  8. Annies krossade hjärta (Annie's broken heart) - Episode 61


Sailor Moon Eternal became available on Netflix with Swedish subtitles on June 3, 2021.


  • The translator made the script for episode 54 available, which revealed that both "Hottokenai Yo" and "Eien no Melody" were translated into Swedish. "Eien no Melody" was also given a Swedish title, "Den eviga kärlekens sång" (The song of eternal love).
  • Episode 45 was titled "Sailor Moon och Döden" (Sailor Moon and Death).
  • Sailor Mercury's actress Annica Smedius worked for a couple of years as a private investigator in the 1980s.
  • Before she went into acting, Zoysite's actress Sanna Ekman had a career as a professional dancer. She was one of the background dancers in the video for Vanilla Ice's song "Ice Ice Baby."
  • Sailor Mercury seldom got to say "kristall" (crystal) in her second transformation, and usually continued to say "Merkuriuskraft" (Mercury power). This was probably because "Merkuriuskristallkraft, förvandla mig" (Mercury crystal power, transform me) was too long to say. She never said "kristall" when they united their powers for teleport or a common attack either.
  • In a minor continuity error, all the Senshi transformed with "<planet> kristallkraft" (crystal power) in episode 58, even though they had not yet powered up.
  • Attack names would occasionally be modified after the current situation in the episode. Sailor Mercury covered an entire airport in fog in episode 13, using "Dubbel bubbelspray" (Double bubble spray). In episode 43, when Sailor Mars attacked after having to watch Sailor Moon get tormented, she used "Hämndens eldsjäl" (Fire soul of revenge). When Jupiter fired Sparkling Wide Pressure into the ground to stop two Droids from retreating that way in episode 81, she yelled "Jupiter jordfräs, attack" (Jupiter cultivator, attack).
  • Rei's chant Akuryo Taisan became "Evil spirits, begone," or at least something to that general effect. When she used the full chant, the nine words would either become brief prayers (to various spirits, or to fire itself) or be replaced by random syllables.
  • "Eldsjäl" (Fire soul) was used despite it being a common term in Swedish; it refers to a person who works hard with something he/she is emotionally committed to. "Fire souls" are often found as driving forces behind fan movements or non-profit organizations.
  • When the channel Kanal 5 bought the series, they insisted that the main character's name was "Bunny" (they had most likely been given a press summary translated from German). Fans wrote to them again and again for years telling them that she was actually called Annie and that they could check for themselves if they would only watch a couple of minutes of any episode. Still, they kept on using "Bunny" on their home page, in press notes, and in TV previews, for as long as they aired the show.
  • The second VHS release in Sweden included a video of the Kanal 5 promo on the second tape.
  • There was a possibly inadvertent reference to the first English dub in episode 56. The fight over who got to play Snow White was infamous in the English dub because Makoto's claim to have the biggest breasts was changed into Lita saying she had most talent. In the Swedish dub of the same scene, Rai said she should get the part because she had the most talent (where in the original version Rei said she had the most class), and Mako then replied that she had the biggest breasts.