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I'm first and foremost a Sera Myu fan; which is odd considering not too long ago I didn't even know the Myu existed and was completely rebuked at the first sight of those first stage wigs. Still, it is my favourite incarnation because it takes elements from everywhere else and adds its own flavour.

Death Lamia is fierce honey, FIERCE!!!!


Just a Sailor Moon fan dedicated to make the next generation fans as well.

About Me:

I LOVE LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday: 23 of April! Send me lots of gifts lol!!!

3 Hottess Guys from Myu:

- Yuu Shirota

- Yuuta Mochizuki

- Ryuuji Kasahara

3 Hottess Guys from PGSM:

- Akira Kubodera

- Jyoji Shibue

- Yoshito Endou

disclaimer: yes I love Asian guys.

Yeasterday, June 29th, a friend of mine died of cancer. her name was Chloe Brosseau and she was 18 like me.