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Real name: Tim Jones Age: 22 Birthplace: Philadelphia, P.A., United States of America Occupation: College Studnet Favorite Sailor Moon season: Classic, then SuperS, R, and S (haven't seen all of Stars yet) Favorite Sailor Moon character: Mizuno Ami Anime or Manga: I prefer the anime actually, with the exception of S, in which I prefer the Mugen arc of the manga over its anime counterpart.

Sailor Moon was actually the first anime I saw in its original Japanese (though, like many other American fans, I saw it in English first (around May 1999, but on syndication, not Cartoon Network). I have since been a big fan of the series, though my love for the series has diminished a little (only a little) over the last couple of years.

Odds are I won't update this site as much as the other people here, but no doubt I'll know some really weird facts no one else knows about.

I've only now started watching Sailor Stars, and though not my favorite season, I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would.