Venus Beam

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PGSM Sailor Senshi Attacks
Venus Beam performed by Princess Sailor Venus
Attack Name: Venus Beam
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ヴィーナス・ビーム
Performed by: Princess Sailor Venus, Sailor Venus
Item Required: None
First Used: Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!

Venus Beam was an unspoken attack performed by Sailor Venus in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, which was similar to Sailor Venus' Crescent Beam attack in the anime. To perform this attack, Sailor Venus raised one hand in the air and pointed the other one at her target, from which a beam of light was fired. Occasionally she would go through a series of more elaborate motions before the beam was released. Sailor Venus was capable of producing a sustained beam or several quick shots.

The attack was first used by Princess Sailor Venus, but the attack was not exclusive to that form. The attack was powerful enough to turn Zoisite back into a piece of rock, even though many Youma were able to deflect the attack when Sailor Venus used it in later episodes.