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Here are some tips on how to write a good episode summary...

  • Use the present tense. Other articles concerning canon material use the past tense, but episode summaries work better in the present tense. Other canon rules still apply, so remember to write the summary as if you're recording fact. Avoid referring to the audience (see also fourth wall) with statements such as "We see Usagi transform into Sailor Moon".
  • Don't describe every little thing. Detail is good, but it isn't necessary to describe, say, the precise details of every conversation. Just give us the gist of it. Between eight and ten paragraphs is usually enough for an episode summary.
  • Use the original Japanese version as your reference. While many of us are fans of the North American dub, we've opted to use the Japanese versions, since they are the most complete. However, feel free to use the episode trivia section to make note of any significant changes between the dub and the original.
  • Refer to Senshi by their Senshi names. Basically, after Usagi has transformed into Sailor Moon, don't refer to her as Usagi. The one exception to this regards Super/Eternal forms... so you can refer to Super Sailor Moon simply as Sailor Moon (unless, of course, her Super form is relevant to the plot in some way). This is because Super Sailor Moon usually still describes herself as Sailor Moon.