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This policy couldn't be simpler. No personal attacks. At all. Ever.

What constitues a personal attack[edit]

  • Name-calling, personal comments or bad-faith accusations.
  • Insulting users on the grounds of race, sex, religion or orientation.
  • Threats of legal action against users.

What doesn't constitute a personal attack[edit]

  • Correcting a user's mistakes, or politely disputing a contentious point.
  • Describing a user's actions in civil terms.

If you are subjected to a personal attack[edit]

Simply delete the offending material. You may find that other users will delete personal attacks directed against others as a matter of courtesy. You may wish to ask the attacker to cease the attacks, noting this policy and being sure not to resort to personal attacks yourself. If the matter cannot be resolved, alert an administrator and they will intervene if it is deemed necessary.


Repeated personal attacks will result in a permanent banning from the project.