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Welcome to
WikiMoon Web
The Sailor Moon Website Resource

WikiMoon Web, a part of Project WikiMoon, is a project to categorize websites pertaining to the Sailor Moon series, in order to provide a resource for fans to find informative and interesting sites about the series, as well as a resource for information on prominent sites in the past which no longer exist, but were significant to fandom in general while they existed.

Website Categories WikiMoon Web Rules
moonsymbol.gif Editor's Choice
Prominent pages with their own articles
mercurysymbol.gif Archives
Pages of historical significance
marssymbol.gif Information
Informational websites
jupitersymbol.gif Multimedia
Image galleries, music and video sites
venussymbol.gif Fandom
Fanart, fanfic, character shrines
  • The point of WikiMoon Web is to replace external links on the bottom of articles in the WikiMoon articles; as such, users can simply link to the appropriate category in WikiMoon Web. (For an example, see the Sera Myu article.)
  • Users can add links in any category except Editor's Choice, and can add articles to the Archives section.
  • Articles in the Archives section are about websites that were significant in one way or another, and need to include that justification for existence, or else they will be removed at the discretion of the sysops.
  • Links to the site need to be links only, with a short (one sentence) description. Websites will only have an associated article if they are part of Editor's Choice or the Archives.
  • The location of a particular link in a list will generally be determined by users, but if a sysop makes a decision, that decision is final.
  • Sub-category lists will remain on the main category pages unless and until there becomes a pressing need to separate them out into their own pages.
  • Editor's Choice sites are selected by sysops. We make no claim to be unbiased, as this is, by its name, our choices.