Act 4 Masquerade Kamenbutoukai

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Chapter Data
Usagi and Tuxedo Mask fall off the balcony
Name (kanji/kana): Act 4 Masquerade 仮面舞踏会
Name (romaji): Act 4 Masquerade Kamenbutoukai
Name (translated): Act 4 Masquerade Masquerade Ball
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 4
Original Number: 4
Crystal Episode: Act.4 Masquerade - Kamenbutoukai -
Previous Chapter: Act 3 Rei SAILORMARS
Next Chapter: Act 5 Makoto SAILORJUPITER

The princess of D Kingdom arrives in Tokyo, and the Sailor Senshi and Nephrite both wonder if her mysterious treasure might be the Silver Crystal.


In the Secret Base, Luna looks at information about the three Sailor Senshi and Mamoru Chiba. There is very little information for him, and she wonders if he is a friend or foe.

Usagi's mother reads a story in the newspaper about Sailor Moon solving the mystery behind the disappearances on the Sendai Hill bus, and wonders who this new soldier of justice might be. She turns the page and finds an article about the princess of D Kingdom coming to Japan.

Usagi rushes out of the house, late as usual. As she runs toward her school, she notices an unusual number of police officers on the street and wonders about them, but her thoughts shortly turn to her mission as Sailor Moon. Once she arrives at school she asks Naru if she knows what's going on. Naru enthusiastically tells her about how the crown princess of D Kingdom is having a dinner party that evening at the embassy, which is located nearby on Sendai Hill. The princess has brought with her a special treasure belonging to the royal family, and will reveal it to the world for the first time at the party.

Usagi arrives at the Game Center Crown after school and is scolded by Rei for being late. Luna says that she failed another test and had detention, and asks Ami to help her study. Rei complains that she is too busy to be a Sailor Senshi, and demands to know what princess they're looking for, from what kingdom, and says that unless Luna tells them who she is and where she came from, she does not want to help. Luna says she can't tell them yet, and even if she did, they wouldn't believe her.

The cat explains that she truly doesn't know very much about the enemy, but the Sailor Senshi are supposed to protect their princess. She says that a seal has been placed on the princess in order to protect her, because she possesses the Silver Crystal. If the crystal falls into the hands of the enemies the consequences would be dire. Luna tells the girls that once all of the Senshi have been gathered and fully awaken, the seal will be removed and then they will understand.

Rei asks about how they "awaken" and Luna says that they need to remember. Luna looks at Usagi and thinks that she most needs to do so because she is supposed to be the leader of the Senshi, even though she is currently the most unreliable. Usagi, however, is busy playing video games and not paying attention. Motoki comes over and talks to them, and they discuss Princess Dia and the party that night. Umino shows up and joins in, displaying a rare photo of the princess that he has found. Usagi is excited about the idea of the party and wants to go, but Rei tells her that she has a bad feeling about it.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite wonders about the mysterious treasure of the D Kingdom, and thinks that it should be investigated. He stands by Jadeite's coffin and swears that he will find the Silver Crystal and revive his fellow Shitennou. Queen Beryl agrees and says that with the crystal's power they can revive Jadeite as well as their great leader, and then they will rule the world.

When Usagi gets home, she finds that her father is all dressed up. He says that he is going to the party at the D Kingdom embassy, and Usagi is instantly jealous. She uses her Disguise Pen to transform into a princess and sneaks into the party with her friends. Ami and Rei decide to split up and investigate, leaving Usagi behind. One of the other guests accidentally spills her drink on Usagi's dress, and as she hurries off to find the bathroom she accidentally drops a handkerchief with her name and school embroidered on it; a moment later, it is picked up by a tuxedo-clad figure.

As she wanders the party, Usagi wonders where all her friends went, and thinks that even as she's dressed up at a party she is still lonely. Tuxedo Mask suddenly appears beside her and asks her to dance. She blushes and tells him that she was just thinking she wanted to see him, and he agrees. When Luna arrives he suddenly disappears, and Usagi thinks that she feels warm inside. Luna says that Princess Dia isn't the princess they are looking for.

It is almost time for the treasure to be revealed, and Princess Dia asks the interpreter to show her to her room so she doesn't get lost. As she walks, the princess muses that all everyone talks about is the treasure, and wonders if they would be interested in her if she were prettier. The interpreter smirks and agrees that she has no use for the girl; the woman's clothes fall to the ground, empty, as she turns into a dark shadow and disappears into the princess' body.

Princess Dia suddenly grabs the casket holding the treasure and runs through the crowd as dismayed cries rise around her. Luna alerts Usagi that the princess is heading toward the balcony, and Usagi grabs the girl, telling her to get a hold of herself. The princess, however, shoves her away, and Usagi falls over the railing - but her wrist is caught by Tuxedo Mask.

Ami and Rei call to Usagi on her communicator and tell her that the princess has been possessed by the enemy. The princess cackles evilly and calls for everyone to become her slaves.

Tuxedo Mask's grip on the railing slips, and as they to fall Luna calls to Usagi to use the pen. As Usagi lifts the Disguise Pen, it turns into an umbrella, and she and Tuxedo Mask land lightly on the ground. He thanks her for saving him and disappears; as she watches him go, she thinks that she is always being saved by him. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, but realizes that her tiara never returned after it burned up when Jadeite was killed. She thinks that her body suddenly feels warm, like when she holds Tuxedo Mask's hand, and a new tiara appears on her forehead.

Sailor Moon joins her friends, but discovers that the guests at the party have fallen under the same dark power as the princess, and is especially dismayed to see her father in the crowd. Nephrite gloats that he will take the treasure and these sacrifices to their great ruler. Sailor Mars tries to use Akuryo Taisan, but it has no effect. Tuxedo Mask reappears and tells Sailor Moon that she needs to use light to banish the darkness. She is surprised, but then Luna tells her to use her new tiara to reflect the moonlight at Princess Dia. Sailor Moon obeys, with a cry of "Moon Twilight Flash!" The light destroys Nephrite's shadow, and the people are freed from the evil power. As the princess sits up, fumbling for her glasses, the Senshi are stunned to realize how pretty she really is, and wonder for a moment if Umino might be handsome under his glasses as well.

Once everyone has recovered, Princess Dia finally has the chance to reveal her precious treasure. It turns out, however, to merely be a giant diamond statue of the first princess of the D Kingdom. Sailor Moon wanders off and, thinking how thirsty she is, grabs a glass of what she thinks is juice and downs it. It turns out, however, to be an alcoholic beverage, and it immediately goes to her head. She staggers off and bumps into Tuxedo Mask, then passes out. As he holds her, he remembers how she told him that she had wanted to see him earlier. He sets her down and gently kisses her, and she thinks that it feels familiar, that she has felt this many times before.

Luna arrives and tells him to get away from Usagi, and asks if he is their enemy. He replies that he isn't sure, but they are both searching for the Silver Crystal, and so he might be.

In the meantime, a girl with a long ponytail hurries down the street, looking up at the sky and thinking that a storm is coming.


  • The end of this act showed the first, albeit unnamed, appearance of Makoto Kino.
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