Brightness of Calling Stars! Haruka and Michiru's Entry into Battle

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After a joint concert between Michiru and the Three Lights, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus confront the Sailor Starlights and declare that they cannot be allies.


Episode Data
Michiru and the Three Lights perform at the concert
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 呼び合う星の輝き! はるか達参戦
Name (Romaji): Yobiau Hoshi no Kagayaki! Haruka-tachi Sansen
Name (Translated): Brightness of Calling Stars! Haruka and Michiru's Entry into Battle
Name (Dub): Calling of the Shining Stars: Enter Haruka and Michiru
Episode Number: 180
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Atsushi Maekawa
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: July 13, 1996
Previous Episode: Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Senshi
Next Episode: Seiya and Usagi's Nervous Date

The girls all gather at a bank of pay phones and attempt to call to buy tickets for the Fantastic International Music Festival, but keep getting busy signals every time they try. Minako finally gets through, only to discover that the show is sold out. The girls mourn the fact that they will not be able to see the Three Lights in concert. Haruka and Michiru approach the group and, holding up some tickets, ask if they are what the girls were trying to get.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls admire their new tickets, and ask why Michiru had them in the first place. Usagi teases her about being a closet Three Lights fan. Haruka tells them that the festival includes a joint concert between the Three Lights and Michiru, and the girls are suitably impressed.

In her throne room, Sailor Galaxia blasts Sailor Iron Mouse with an energy attack as a punishment for her repeated failures. She tells the Animamate that she only has one more chance, and failure is not an option. As she speaks, the two shadowed figures appear again, laughing mockingly at Sailor Iron Mouse, and are revealed as Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Sailor Iron Mouse vows to succeed this time.

Chuuko Nezu stalks the streets of Tokyo, worrying about finding a Star Seed. She spies a poster for the music festival and decides to target Albert pon Garajan, the conductor of the New Tokyo Orchestra.

The Three Lights sit in their dressing room, talking about their fellow performer. They resolve to do their best to send a message to their princess, even if they are playing with a stranger.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako wait outside the festival, wondering where Usagi could be. In the meantime, Usagi gets off the wrong bus and, finding herself on a lonely road surrounded by trees, wails in dismay.

As the Three Lights and Michiru perform at the festival, Michiru and Seiya each feel a strange aura from the other, and wonder who the other really is.

Usagi finally arrives at the stadium long after the concert has ended; when Haruka joins her and acknowledges that she has missed the concert, Usagi promptly bursts into tears. Haruka offers to let the other girl visit Michiru's dressing room backstage, which calms her down.

Seiya enters Michiru's dressing room and the two of them congratulate each other on their performances. Seiya admits that he is a fan of Michiru's, and says that he would like to get to know her better. Michiru offers to let him help her change, in that case, and just then Haruka and Usagi arrive. Haruka is instantly suspicious of Seiya, and when the two of them go to shake hands it instead turns into a small arm-wrestling contest. Seiya leaves, greeting Usagi familiarly as he goes, and Haruka chides Michiru for letting someone like that in her dressing room. Usagi apologizes for Seiya and goes to follow him, and Michiru teasingly offers to let Haruka help her undress.

As Seiya walks down the hall, he thinks that he felt the same aura from Haruka as from Michiru, and wonders about the two of them. Usagi comes up behind him and teases him about his presence in Michiru's dressing room. Seiya asks her how she knows those two in the first place, and she replies that they are special people to her. She then trips on a flight of stairs and crashes into Garajan, who was coming up, and they both end up on the floor below. Seiya quickly helps the other man to his feet, then introduces him to Usagi. Garajan compliments Seiya on the performance and mentions the emotions he felt in the music, like a message to a beloved person. Garajan then leaves to go get some fresh air, and after a moment Usagi follows to make sure he really is all right.

Once out on the stage, Garajan is confronted by Chuuko Nezu. When she tries to make her usual introduction, she discovers her business card is missing and, frustrated, simply reveals her true identity and removes the man's Star Seed. Usagi sees what is happening and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

When the Star Seed turns black, Sailor Iron Mouse turns to go, impatient to move on to the next target. When Sailor Moon interrupts her, the Animamate keeps going without bothering to listen to the Sailor Senshi's introductory speech, and disappears, leaving behind the Phage Sailor Conductor.

Sailor Conductor uses a series of attacks against Sailor Moon in which he throws handfuls of sharpened batons at her; she dodges the first few batches, but ends up pinned to the wall by the next. As he prepares to finish her off, the Sailor Starlights arrive. While Sailor Star Fighter uses Star Serious Laser to stun the Phage, the other two Starlights free Sailor Moon so that she can use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to turn Garajan back to normal.

After the battle is over, Sailor Moon thanks the other Senshi for helping her, and suggests that they be allies. The Starlights have no objection, but Sailor Star Fighter steps up to shake Sailor Moon's hand, she is forced to dodge an incoming World Shaking. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and order the newcomers to stay away from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon defends them and refuses to allow her friends to fight, but the Starlights have already changed their minds about the alliance and depart. Sailor Moon is upset and asks why they cannot get along, and Sailor Neptune replies that their duty is to protect her from outsiders.

Later, Seiya finds Usagi looking sadly up at the sky and wonders why she is still there. Usagi asks him if it is possible to be friends with someone from far away, and he replies that he is a transfer student from a far away city, and yet he thinks he is her friend. Usagi is immensely cheered by this thought.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The second animation sequence for Star Serious Laser appeared for the first time in this episode.
  • The phone cards that the Inner Senshi used in the beginning of the episode were the main colors of their respective Senshi forms.


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