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Sailor Moon in Indonesia refers to the version of the Sailor Moon series translated into Indonesian which was published and aired in Indonesia.


Translation and Channels[edit]

Indonesia was one of the first countries outside of Japan to air the Sailor Moon anime, which premiered in the country in 1994 on Indosiar. It was produced by Indosiar Visual Mandiri and coordinated by Bahar Mario, while the script was supervised by Bambang Utoyo. Juni Th. was in charge of production, Anantyo was the supervisor, and Adjie Irawan was the production executor.

While the first season ended in 1995, Sailor Moon R did not air until 1997. Sailor Moon S and the following seasons started airing in 1998, and ran until 2000.

In July 2013, a new Indonesian dub of the first season was produced and aired on the same channel, starting with episode 1 on July 9, 2013 and ending with episode 46 on October 11, 2014. This dub used the original Japanese theme song for the opening and the original ending theme song as the ending theme. Episodes aired every day from Monday to Friday.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

The opening theme song, "Legenda cahaya bulan," used the melody for "Moonlight Densetsu" but the Indonesian lyrics were not a direct translation of the original. The ending theme song was left instrumental for every season. Sailor Moon S had the same ending theme song as the R season, without any modifications of the dubbing credits.

Overall, the series had a similar level of censorship as the Korean version, especially when it came to scenes involving nudity.

  • In episode 15, the scene where Mamoru stepped on Rei was partially cut.
  • In episode 51, the scene in which Usagi talked with Queen Serenity was partially cut, removing all shots of full body nudity, and in episode 151, the scene in which Ami was nude was completely removed. All nude shots of Usagi in the final episode were completely removed, as was the shot of a nude Usagi, Chibi Chibi, and Galaxia in the last episode ending.
  • The first opening sequence of the R season was used in the first episode of the S season, but the third opening sequence from Sailor Moon S, in which Sailor Pluto and Hotaru already appeared, was used in subsequent episodes, although this sequence did not include the scene in which Usagi transformed into Super Sailor Moon.
  • Beginning with the third season, recordings of children talking about why they loved Sailor Moon were dubbed over the video footage for the first few scenes in the opening sequence.
  • A closeup of a young man's crotch seen through Rei's binoculars was cut from episode 144.
  • Rei's nightmare was omitted from the entire third season.
  • Scenes with kissing were edited out, including the final shot of the series.
  • Although Zoisite had a female voice actress, he was still male in the show while he and Kunzite were depicted as cousins.

The 2013 dub also contained various visual changes:

  • The scene where Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars revealed themselves on screen in the first opening theme sequence was cut, and the next scene was played in slow motion to fill in missing seconds. Likewise, nude shots from the transformation sequences were replaced with scenes from when the Senshi already had their sailor fuku on played in slow-motion.
  • Usagi's introduction from the first season was cut in all episodes, as well as the episode previews
  • In episode 13, when Usagi raised her hand to transform, it was replaced with the background of her bedroom.
  • All scenes in which female characters were shown wearing bathing suits in episode 17 were removed, except for those in which only Usagi appeared. Most scenes of Cameran from the same episode were also cut.
  • In episode 20, Usagi, Ami, and Rei arriving at the haunted mansion and then spending their first night there was completely removed, which made the episode lose about eight minutes of footage.
  • Usagi and Mamoru Chiba floating down while holding the umbrella in episode 22 was completely removed, as were the scenes in which Usagi got drunk and Mamoru kissed her.


The original Indonesian dub kept almost all of the characters' names, except for Chibiusa, who became "Usagi Kecil" (Little Usagi). Most of the villains' names were given spellings taken from direct katakana romanizations: for example, Calaveras was called "Karaberasu," Mimete was "Mimetto," and VesVes was "BesuBesu."

Sailor Senshi[edit]

Original Indonesian
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Ray Hino/Sailor Mars
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino/Sailor Yupiter
Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus Minako Aino/Sailor Lima (Sailor Five)/Sailor Venus
Chibiusa Usagi Kecil (Small Usagi)
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptunus
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Mamoru Chiba/Max Tuxedo (first dub)
Tuxedo Bertopeng (2013 dub)

Friends of the Senshi[edit]

Original Indonesian
Shingo Tsukino Michigo
Naru Osaka Naru
Gurio Umino Umino

First season[edit]

Original Indonesian
Jadeite Jedith
Nephrite Nephlite
Queen Beryl Ratu Peril

Sailor Moon R[edit]

Original Indonesian
Moonlight Knight Ksatria Tsukikage (Tsukikage Knight)
Ail Ail
An Ann
Calaveras Karaberasu

Voice Actors[edit]

The following cast is from the original dub.

Character Actor
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Sherly Malinda (first voice)
Diah Sekartaji (second voice)
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Diah Sekartaji (first voice)
Wiwiek Supadmi (second voice)
Ray Hino/Sailor Mars Hanis
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Miftahuljannah
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Siwi
Luna Anita Riyadi (season 1)
Retno Lestari (season 2+)
Artemis Oke (season 1)
Pratomo (season 2+)
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Amir (season 1)
Achmad Zulkifli (season 2+)
Ratu Peril Asriati
Jedith Tato
Neflite Jimin Raes
Ail Muki Hendarto
Ann Noviyanti
Michigo Achmad Zulkifli
Naru Osaka Siwie
Umino Hanis, Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis
Shingo Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis
Machi Hariadie

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Moon Prisms Power, Make Up (episode 1)
Moon Prism Power, Make Up (episode 2)
Kekuatan Prisma Bulan, datanglah!
Moon Tiara, beraksi! (episodes 24 and 49)
Moon Prisms Power, Make Up
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Prism Power, come here!
Moon Tiara, in action!
Moon Power [disguise] ni nare Kekuatan Bulan, rubahlah aku [disguise]!
Kekuatan Prisma Bulan, rubahlah aku [disguise]! (episode 52)
Moon Power, change me into [disguise]!
Moon Prism Power, change me into [disguise]!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Kekuatan Kristal Bulan, datanglah!
Kekuatan Putri Bulan, datanglah!
Moon Crystal Power, come here!
Moon Princess Power, come here!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Kekuatan Kristal Bulan, datanglah! (episode 91)
Kekuatan Kosmik Bulan, datanglah!
Moon Crystal Power, come here!
Moon Cosmic Power, come here!
Crisis, Make Up Kekuatan Putri Bulan, Datanglah! Moon Princess Power, come here!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Kekuatan Bulan Abadi, datanglah! Moon Eternal Power, come here!
Moon Tiara Action Terimalah ini! (episode 1)
Moon Tiara, beraksi!
Bulan Tiara, beraksi! (episode 163)
Take this!
Moon Tiara, in action!
Moon Tiara, in action!
Moon Healing Escalation Kekuatan bulan sabit, datanglah! Crescent Moon Power, come here!
Moon Princess Halation Kekuatan Putri Bulan, datanglah! (episodes 51 and 53)
Kekuatan Putri Bulan, beraksi!
Moon Princess Power, come here!
Moon Princess Power, in action!
Moon Crystal Power Kekuatan Kristal Bulan! Moon Crystal Power!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Cahaya bulan spiral, beraksi! (episode 91)
Kekuatan hati bulan berputar, beraksi! (episode 93)
Kekuatan bulan hati berputar, beraksi!
Moonlight Spiral, in action!
Moon Heart Rotating Power, in action!
Heart Rotating Moon Power, in action!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Kekuatan Mercury, datanglah!
Sailor Mercury, datanglah! (episode 48)
Kekuatan Merkurius, datanglah! (2013 dub)
Mercury Power, come here!
Sailor Mercury, come here!
Mercury Power, come here!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Kekuatan Mercury, datanglah! Mercury Power, come here!
Sabão Spray Soap Spray!
Semprotan, sabun! (2013 dub)
Soap Spray!
Spray, soap!
Sabão Spray Freezing Soap Spray beku! Freezing Soap Spray!
Shine Aqua Illusion Kekuatan air murni!
khayalan air murni! (episode 67)
Pure water power!
pure water illusion!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Kekuatan Mars, datanglah!
Sailor Mars, datanglah! (episode 48)
Mars Power, come here!
Sailor Mars, come here!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Kekuatan Mars, datanglah! Mars Power, come here!
Akuryo Taisan Kekuatan api! Fire Power!
Fire Soul Kekuatan api(, datanglah)!
Roh api! (episode 10)
Roh api! (2013 dub)
Fire Power(, come here)!
Fire spirit!
Fire Soul Bird Kekuatan api, datanglah! Fire power, come here!
Burning Mandala Kekuatan lingkaran api mandala! (episode 63)
Kekuatan lingkaran api, bulat!
Lingkaran api mandala!
Kekuatan api mandala! (episode 96)
Fire Mandala Circle Power!
Fire Circle Power, round!
Mandala Circle Power!
Fire Mandala Power!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Kekuatan Yupiter, datanglah!
Sailor Yupiter, datanglah! (episode 48)
Jupiter Power, come here!
Sailor Jupiter, come here!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Kekuatan Yupiter, datanglah! Jupiter Power, come here!
Supreme Thunder Guntur, bersar! Thunder, gather!
Supreme Thunder Dragon Guntur, bersar! Naga! Thunder, gather! Dragon!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Kekuatan guntur, bersar! Thunder Power, gather!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Kekuatan Venus, datanglah!
Sailor Venus, datanglah! (episode 48)
Venus Power, come here!
Sailor Venus, come here!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Kekuatan Venus, datanglah! Venus Power, come here!
Crescent Beam Bulan sabit (kembar)!
Rantai cinta Venus! (episode 86)
(Twin) Crescent!
Venus Love Chain!
Crescent Beam Shower Bulan sabit kembar! Twin crescent!
Venus Love-Me Chain Rantai cinta Venus!
Bulan sabit kembar! (episode 65)
Kekuatan Venus, Datanglah! (episode 86)
Kekuatan cinta Venus! (episode 96)
Venus Love Chain!
Twin Crescent!
Venus Power, come here!
Venus Love Power!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
World Shaking Bola halilintar! Lightning ball!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Indonesian Translation
Deep Submerge Bola dalam lingkaran! Ball in the circle!


Indonesian logo

The Indonesian dub of Sailor Moon Crystal premiered September 23, 2020 on Rajawali Televisi (RTV), at first airing every Wednesday at 5:30 pm, then later at 6:00 pm, before switching to 5:45 pm. Only the first 26 episodes were dubbed. It was treated as a series of movies, with each "movie" consisting of two episodes given its own title rather than using the title of the entire series.

  • Episodes 1 and 2: Usagi Dan Kucing Ajaib (Usagi And The Magical Cat)
  • Episodes 3 and 4: Rahasia Keanehan Bus (Strange Bus Secrets)
  • Episodes 5 and 6: Kekuatan Jupiter Makoto (Jupiter Power Makoto)
  • Episodes 7 and 8: Kristal Perak Legendaris (Legendary Silver Crystal)
  • Episode 9 and 10: Usagi Putri Serenity (Usagi Princess Serenity)
  • Episode 11 and 12: Kekuatan Tongkat Bulan (The Power of the Moon Stick)
  • Episode 13 and 14: Cahaya Kristal Perak Legendaris (The Moonlight of the Legendary Silver Crystal)
  • Episode 15 and 16: Kemunculan Gadis Chibiusa (The appearance of the girl named Chibiusa)
  • Episode 17 and 18: Serangan Droid di Kota (Droid Attack in the City)

The episodes were given a 13+ rating.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

The dub was generally faithful to the original, although there were a number of alterations to the visuals.

  • The opening and ending theme songs remained in Japanese, and the opening sequence was moved so that it would be shown before the episode itself.
  • The title cards, next episode title cards, and next episode previews were cut, and the eyecatch sequence was moved before the opening so that it would show the show's title, while the other sequence was cut.
  • Transformation and attack phrases were not translated.
  • Whenever a new character was introduced, their name would be displayed in a subtitle at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sailor V was referred to as Sailor Venus.

Any scenes involving romance and nudity were completely edited out, in accordance to the Islamic law which is enforced in Indonesian media. Scenes in which bare legs were prominently shown on screen were replaced with other scenes. Some examples included:

  • The Japanese logo in the first opening sequence was replaced by scenes from Sailor Mercury's and Sailor Moon's transformation sequences, and all shots of Queen Serenity and any scenes showing nudity were entirely removed. To fill in the missing seconds, the last scene was played in slow motion. For the second opening, the Japanese logo was replaced by scenes from Sailor Moon's second transformation sequence, and the scene in which she was nude at the end was replaced by a shot of Neo-Queen Serenity.
  • The ending sequence was altered so it would finish right before Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity kissed. Likewise, their kiss in the flashback of the first episode was edited out, and the one in episode 9 was completely removed.
  • The transformation sequences were shortened and altered so that any nudity and scenes showing bare legs would not be shown. Sailor Mercury's transformation sequence and her speech were edited together in the second episode so that her legs would not be shown, while Sailor Venus' transformation sequence was cut entirely.
  • Princess Serenity's dress was altered so that it would not show her chest in any close-up shots.
  • Any close-up shots of Queen Beryl were edited or removed.
  • Any shots of Chibiusa using the toy gun on Usagi in episode 14 and 15 were edited or removed.

Character Names[edit]

Original Indonesian
Sailor Mercury Sailor Merkuri
Sailor V Sailor Venus
Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Bertopeng
Princess Dia Putri Dei
Queen Beryl Ratu Beryl
Prince Demande Pangeran Demende (Prince Demende)

Voice Actors[edit]

The Indonesian dub was produced in the Erfas studio located in Jakarta.

Voice Actor Character
Tuti Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Uphite T. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Merkuri
Leoni M. Ikuko Tsukino
Ningsih Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Naru Osaka
Jane L. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
Putri Dei
Deden S. Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Bertopeng
Kenji Tsukino
Rudy S. Zoisite
Harry S. Nephrite
Yudha Motoki Furuhata
Fitriyani Ratu Beryl


The manga was published along with the Codename: Sailor V manga from 1993 to 1998 by Elex Media Komputindo, the biggest manga publisher in Indonesia, which also published several famous manga such as Dragon Ball and Doraemon. The manga version was more faithful to the original Japanese version than the anime. Most of the characters' names remained the same, including Chibiusa, though in early volumes Minako Aino was "Ai Minako" and Motoki Furuhata was named "Sento." The villains' names were also mostly misspelled as in the anime.

The attack names usually kept the original Japanese names, but were sometimes misspelled like the villains' names, or given incorrect names because of alternate readings of the katakana. For example, Venus Love-Me Chain was called "Venus Love Mission" in the Dark Kingdom arc, "Venus Lovely Chain" in the Black Moon arc, and "Venus Love Meeting" in the Infinity arc.

The same publishing house released a new Indonesian translation of the manga from 2014 to 2016, which was based on the 2004 shinsouban release. The Codename: Sailor V manga was also re-released in February 2017, while both short story volumes were published a month later, in March.

The anime comic was also released by Elex Media Komputindo, and it included the adaptations of the first and second seasons, as well as the one based on the Sailor Moon R movie, even though the movie itself was never dubbed nor released in Indonesia.


  • The first dub served as source material for the Malay dub.
  • The first Indonesian dub was translated from English scripts provided by Toei.
  • Episode 46 featured a special ending in the first dub, using clips from episodes 35 and 46, and the first opening sequence of the season. It was played along with the instrumental version of "Heart Moving."
  • Hanis, the voice actress who played Umino and Sailor Mars in the first dub, died in 2004.
  • In the 2013 dub, the only song that was dubbed was "Moonlight Densetsu," which was performed the actresses who played Usagi and Naru.