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Sailor Moon in France refers to the Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in France.


Translation and Channels

France was one of the first foreign countries to screen the Sailor Moon anime, which premiered in the country on Christmas 1993 and aired until August 1997 on TF1's now defunct children's programming block Club Dorothée. Later reruns were aired on AB1, AB Cartoons, Mangas, RTL9, Club RTL, TMC, and Fox Kids. Like the original North American distributors, the French did not originally get the rights to Stars, and ended the series at SuperS. The French dub was produced in the SOFI studios.

There have been three VHS releases in France. The first was produced by MangaLand in 1995. The first 64 episodes were released on VHS by Mangas over sixteen tapes, each containing four episodes. The last tape, covering episodes 61 to 64 was released on January 1, 2001. The last seventeen episodes of the SuperS season were not initially broadcast on TV, but were released on VHS and later on DVD. This release started at episode 149 and used images of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and the Moonlight Knight.

The success of the series on TV prompted the producers to release the Sailor Moon R movie in the country as well, dubbed as Sailor Moon, Le Film: La Fleur Maléfique (Sailor Moon, the Film: The Evil Flower). It was first shown in theaters on May 15, 1996, but was considered a commercial failure, with only 17,000 tickets sold in Paris. The movie was shown on TV in the same month, followed by a VHS release in April 1997.

In September 2013, Kazé France started releasing the entire Sailor Moon anime on DVD box sets, containing all episodes in Japanese and French, with new French subtitles. The previously unreleased fifth season, the Sailor Moon S movie, and the Sailor Moon SuperS movie have also been released on DVD, dubbed with a mostly new cast. This dub was produced in the Time-Line Factory studios.

Censorship and Changes

  • The original opening and ending theme songs were replaced with a new song called "Sailor Moon," sung by Bernard Minet. Certain episodes from SuperS used the third opening from Sailor Moon S and featured footage originally used along with "Tuxedo Mirage" as the ending theme, although it was played with "Otome no Policy."
  • Haruka and Michiru's relationship was explained away by saying that Haruka was a man in civilian form, and Michiru was his girlfriend.
  • Fisheye was changed to be female, but the moment where "he" showed his chest was kept.
  • Artemis was changed to be female in some episodes, but later other characters referred to him as "he." Luna remained female, however.
  • A few cultural references were removed and some scenes showing Japanese writing were cut.
  • In several occasions during the third season, Rei's nightmare about the upcoming Silence was cut. It was entirely removed from the beginning of episode 90, leaving only the brief flashbacks she had later on. In episode 119, her nightmare was again cut from the beginning of the episode. Most of the scenes in which characters' Pure Heart Crystals were stolen were shortened.
  • The opening preview and title card sequence were cut from the beginning of each episode, and the French title of the episode would instead be shown in the very first scene. The only exception was in episode 86, in which the opening preview of the episode was shown.

In Kazé's uncut DVD release, all visual changes made to the show by AB were removed and the original theme and insert songs were used.

Character Names

The French dub changed some characters' names without explanation during the show: for example, An was first called "Annette" in episode 47 but was then called "Anne" in episode 59, and Naru and Umino changed from "Nanou" and "Marc" to "Nina" and "Joël," respectively, in episode 131. The villains in the Stars season and the Sailor Moon SuperS movie were the only ones who did not receive localized names.

Sailor Senshi

Original French
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princesse Sérénité
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Molly/Sailor Mercure
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Raya Hino/Sailor Mars
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Marcy Maurane/Sailor Jupiter
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Mathilda (Amélie)/Sailor Venus
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Frédérique/Sailor Uranus
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Mylène/Sailor Neptune
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Sylvana/Sailor Pluton
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Olivia Williams/Sailor Saturne
Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon Camille/Sailor Chibi Moon
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué

Friends of the Senshi

Original French
Naru Osaka Nanou
Nina (episode 131)
Gurio Umino Marc
Joël (episode 131)
Shingo Tsukino Charlie
Reika Nishimura Prisca
Marine (SuperS)
Yuuichirou Kumada Théodore Lambert

First Season

Original French
Dark Kingdom Le royaume des ténèbres
Queen Metalia Reine Métallia
Queen Beryl Reine Péril
Jadeite Jedaïte
Nephrite Néflyte
Zoisite Zoïzite
Kunzite Kunzite

Sailor Moon R

Original French
Moonlight Knight Le Chevalier du Clair de Lune
Ail/Seijuurou Ginga Alex/Serge Antonin
An/Natsumi Ginga Anne (Annette)/Nathalie Antonin
Rubeus Robin
Esmeraude Émerald
Koan Carole
Berthier Bérénice
Calaveras Sélimène
Petz Perrine
Saphir Saphir
Prince Demande Prince Diamant

Sailor Moon S

Original French
Kaolinite/Kaori Carolina/Carole
Eudial Eugénia
Mimete Babette
Tellu Théodora
Cyprine Emilie
Ptilol Emilia

Sailor Moon SuperS

Original French
Tiger's Eye Oeil de Tigre
Hawk's Eye Oeil de Faucon
Fisheye Oeil de Poisson
Zirconia Zirconoa
CereCere Flora
JunJun Nina
VesVes Prisca
PallaPalla Carla
Nehellenia Néhélénia
Helios/Pegasus Prince Hélios/Pégase

Sailor Stars

Original French
Kou Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter Aster/Sailor Star Fighter
Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer Nocté/Sailor Star Healer
Kou Taiki/Sailor Star Maker Ether/Sailor Star Maker


Original French
Kakeru Ozora Ludovic
Himeko Nayotake Estelle

Voice Actors

In the French dub, one actor often played several roles.

AB dub

Actors Characters
Emmanuelle Pailly Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princesse Sérénité (seasons 1-3)
Sylvie Jacob Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princesse Sérénité (season 4)
Philippe Ogouz Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué/Le Chevalier du Clair de Lune/Endymion
Frédérique (episode 95+)
Raya's Grandfather
Most of the male monsters
Gérard Dessalles Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué (episode 47)
Maurice Sarfati Bourdu/L'Homme Masqué (episodes 53-56)
Virginie Ogouz Molly/Sailor Mercure
Sailor Pluton (season 2)
Artémis (season 2+)
Queen Metallia
Annette/Nathalie Antonin
Mistress 9
Queen Nehellenia
Charlie (first episodes)
Claude Chantal Raya/Sailor Mars (seasons 1-2)
Artémis (seasons 1-2)
Ikuko-mama (seasons 1-2)
Many monsters
Francine Lainé Raya/Sailor Mars (season 2+)
Sailor Uranus
Carolina (episode 113+)
Ikuko-mama (season 2+)
Marie-Laure Beneston Raya/Sailor Mars (episodes 62-67)
Françoise Pavy Raya/Sailor Mars (episodes 84-89)
Agnès Gribe Marcy/Sailor Jupiter
Mylène/Sailor Neptune (episode 92+)
Sylvana/Sailor Pluton (episode 110+)
Olivia/Sailor Saturne
Queen Serenity
Queen Beryl
Black Lady
Carolina (episodes 90-102)
Oeil de Poisson
Melle/Sabine Rose
Some monsters
Amélie Morin Mathilda/Sailor Vénus
Camille/Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Neptune (episodes 90-91)
Yui Bidoh
Annabelle Roux Mathilda/Sailor Vénus (episodes 48-52)
Sophie Gormezzano Mathilda/Sailor Vénus
Camille (episodes 84-89)
Mark Lesser Frédérique (episodes 92-94)
Alex/Serge Antonin
Prince Diamand
Théodore (second voice)
François Leccia Jadeite
Professeur Williams
Oeil de Tigre
Théodore (first voice)
Olivier Destrez Oeil de Faucon
Julie Turin Xénian

Kazé dub

Character Actor
Bunny Rivière/Sailor Moon/Princesse Sérénité Isabelle Volpé
Molly/Sailor Mercure Pascale Chemin
Raya/Sailor Mars Pauline De Meurville
Marcy/Sailor Jupiter Marie Nonnenmacher
Mathilda/Sailor Vénus Frédérique Marlot
Camille/Sailor Chibi Moon Corinne Martin
Sylvana/Sailor Pluton Agnès Manoury
Frédérique/Sailor Uranus Françoise Escobar
Mylène/Sailor Neptune Jade Lanza
Olivia / Sailor Saturne Caroline Combes
Bourdu / L'Homme Masqué Bastien Bourlé
Chibi Chibi Sarah Marot
Aster/Sailor Star Fighter Claudine Gremy
Nocté/Sailor Star Healer Jessie Lambotte
Ether/Sailor Star Maker Nathalie Bienaimé
Ikuko-mama Céline Duhamel
Luna Bérangère Jean
Artémis Bruno Méyère
Diana Caroline Combes
Reine Néhélénia Céline Duhamel
Sailor Iron Mouse Sarah Marot
Sailor Aluminum Seiren Olivia Dutron
Sailor Lead Crow Nikie Gay Lescot
Sailor Tin Nyanko Fanny Bloc
Professeur Williams Emmanuel Gradi
Ludovic Alexandre Coadour
Estelle Jessie Lambotte
Princesse Kaguya Nathalie Bienaimé
Perle Nayéli Forest
Poupelin Grégory Laisné
Banane Adrien Solis
Orangeat Jessie Lambotte
Reine Badiane Pascale Jacquemont

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original French Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Pouvoir du prisme lunaire, transforme-moi! Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir du prisme lunaire, transforme-moi!
Pouvoir de cristal de lune, transforme-moi! (episode 52)
Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon crystal power, transform me!
Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir suprême, viens à mon secours! Supreme power, come to my rescue!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir suprême, transforme-moi! Supreme power, transform me!
Moon Tiara Action Frisbee lunaire, agis tout de suite!
Vite, agis tout de suite! (episodes 1-3)
Pouvoir lunaire, action! (episode 163)
Moon frisbee, act immediately!
Quick, act immediately!
Moon power, action!
Moon Princess Halation Cicatrisation (lunaire), exécution!
Pouvoirs de la Lune, venez et aidez-moi! (episode 52)
(Moon) Healing, execution!
Moon powers, come and help me!
Moon Healing Escalation
Rainbow Moon Heartache
Cicatrisation lunaire, exécution! Moon Healing, execution!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Baguette du Cœur Lunaire, fais disparaître le mal, tout de suite! (episode 91)
Cicatrisation lunaire, exécution!
Moon Heart Rod, eliminate the evil, right now!
Moon Healing, execution!
Moon Crystal Power Pouvoir du prisme lunaire, agis tout de suite! Moon prism power, act immediately!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Kaléidoscope lunaire, action! Moon kaleidoscope, action!

Sailor Mercury

Original French Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Mercure, transforme-moi!
Par le pouvoir du Mercure, transforme moi! (episode 8)
Pouvoir du Prisme de Mercure, transforme-moi! (episode 11)
Mercury power, transform me!
By the power of Mercury, transform me!
Mercury Prism Power, transform me!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir du Mercure, transforme moi! Power of Mercury, transform me!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir du cristal et de Mercure, transforme-moi!
Pouvoir de Mercure, transforme moi! (episode 151)
Power from the crystal and Mercury, transform me!
Mercury power, transform me!
Sabão Spray
Sabão Spray Freezing
Double Sabão Spray Freezing
Paillettes d'argent, agissez tout de suite! Silver sparkles, act immediately!
Shine Aqua Illusion Vague d'argent, agis tout de suite
Paillette d'argent, agissez tout de suite!
Frisson noir, disparaître! (episode 71)
Silver wave, act immediately!
Silver sparkle, act immediately!
Black thrill, disappear!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Rhapsodie de l'eau, agis tout de suite! Water rhapsody, act immediately!

Sailor Mars

Original French Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Mars, transforme-moi!
Pouvoir du Prisme de Mars, transforme-moi! (episode 11)
Mars power, transform me!
Mars Prism Power, transform me!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Mars, transforme-moi!
Pouvoir de Mars, agis tout de suite! (episode 99)
Mars power, transform me!
Mars Power, act immediately!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir du cristal et de Mars, transforme-moi!
Pouvoir de Mars, transforme moi! (episode 152)
Power from the crystal and Mars, transform me!
Mars power, transform me!
Fire Soul Âme de feu, agis (tout de suite)!
Boule de feu, agis! (episode 11)
Fire soul, act (immediately)!
Fireball, act!
Fire Soul Bird Âme du feu, agis tout de suite! Fire soul, act immediately!
Burning Mandala Cercles du feu, agissez!
Âmes du feu, agissez tout de suite!
Par les pouvoirs de Mars, agit tout de suite! (episode 65)
Anneaux de feu, agissez! (episode 70)
Cercles de feu, brûle! (episode 106)
Fire circles, act!
Fire souls, act immediately!
By the powers of Mars, act immediately!
Fire rings, act!
Fire circles, burn!
Mars Flame Sniper Flèche du feu, agis tout de suite! Fire arrow, act immediately!

Sailor Jupiter

Original French Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Jupiter, transforme-moi! Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Jupiter, transforme-moi!
Par le pouvoir de Jupiter, eclair suprême, agit tout de suite! (episide 65)
Pouvoir de Jupiter, agit tout de suite! (episode 96)
Jupiter power, transform me!
By the power of Jupiter, supreme lightning, act immediately!
Jupiter power, act immediately!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir du cristal et de Jupiter, transforme-moi! Power from the crystal and Jupiter, transform me!
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Super Supreme Thunder
Eclair suprême, agis tout de suite! Supreme lightning, act immediately!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Eclair suprême, agis tout de suite!
Disque d'argent, agis tout de suite!
Force lumineuse, ecarter le mal! (episode 65)
Supreme lightning, act immediately!
Silver disc, act immediately!
Light force, ward off evil!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Couronne de Jupiter, agis tout de suite! Jupiter crown, act immediately!

Sailor Venus

Original French Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Vénus, transforme-moi! Venus power, transform me!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Vénus,transforme-moi!
Par le pouvoir de Vénus, croissant d'amour, agissez tout de suite! (episode 65)
Venus power,transform me!
By the power of Venus, love crescent, act immediately!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir du cristal et de Vénus, transforme-moi! Power from the crystal and Venus, transform me!
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Croissant d'amour, agis tout de suite! Love crescent, act immediately!
Venus Love-Me Chain Croissants d'amour, agissez tout de suite !
Croissants d'amour, ecarter le mal! (episode 65)
Love crescents, act immediately!
Love crescents, ward off evil!
Crescent Beam Barrage L'energie de ma colère! The energy of my rage!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Cœur de Vénus, agis tout de suite! Venus heart, act immediately!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original French Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Pouvoir du prisme lunaire, transforme-moi! Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir suprême, transforme-moi! Supreme power, transform me!
Twinkle Yell S'il te plait Pégase, protège les rêves des gens! Carillon de Cristal, sonne! Please Pegasus, protect the dreams of the people! Crystal Carillon, ring!

Sailor Uranus

Original French Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir d'Uranus, transforme-moi! Uranus power, transform me!
World Shaking Cercle de feu, brûle! Circle of fire, burn!

Sailor Neptune

Original French Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Neptune, transforme-moi! Neptune power, transform me!
Deep Submerge Cercle de glace, gèle! Circle of ice, freeze!

Sailor Pluto

Original French Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Pluton, transforme-moi! Pluto power, transform me!
Dead Scream Globe de Pluton, roulez!
Pouvoir de Pluton, agis tout de suite!
Globe of Pluto, roll!
Pluto power, take action immediately! (episode 113)


The French dub of Sailor Moon Crystal premiered on August 30, 2015 on Canal J. Due to poor ratings, only the first two seasons were dubbed and aired. All transformation and attack phrases were left untranslated. The dub was done by the studio MJM PostProd.

Kaze France began releasing the show on DVD and Blu-ray, starting in July 2016.

Voice Actors

Actors Characters
Anouck Hautbois Usagi Tsukino/ Sailor Moon
Jessica Barrier Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury
Ikuko Tsukino
Jennifer Fauveau Rei Hino/ Sailor Mars
Haruna Sakurada
Céline Melloul Makoto Kino/ Sailor Jupiter
Queen Serenity
Queen Metallia
Maëlys Ricordeau Minako Aino/ Sailor Venus
Vincent Ribeiro Mamoru Chiba/ l'Homme Masqué
Naiké Fauveau-Mellerin Luna
Antoine Nouel Artemis
Kenji Tsukino
Marie Millet Giraudon Queen Beryl
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluton
Philippe Bozo Umino
Vincent De Bouard Jadeite
Prince Demande
Marianne Leroux Esmeraude
Marc Bretonnière Rubeus
Brigitte Virtudes Berthier
Josephine Ropion Reika Nishimura
Black Lady
Benjamin Bollen Asanuma


The manga was first published in France by a company called Glénat. It was released from 1995-1999 in paperback book editions, most of which had the same covers as the Japanese editions. The back of each book had no summary and simply featured art from one of the artbooks. Each of the covers was extra-long and folded over, to create cover flaps which also had art from the artbooks. The front cover flap gave a summary of the volume, and the back listed books previous to that one in the series. The logo used was the one from the artbooks, minus "Pretty Soldier" in Japanese, and each volume was given its own title. Three of the French manga covers were printed with mixed-up covers: volume one had the cover for volume two, volume two had the cover for volume six, and volume six had the cover for volume one.

Most of the dialogue in the French editions was accurate, and there were very few alterations of Japanese elements. The only major change in this regard was that Rei Hino became Catholic and her chant was changed to "Vade retro, satanas!" ("Go back, demon!", a Latin exorcism). Her school's name was also changed to the "Saint Anne Academy for Girls."

The bulk of the main characters had the same or similar names as the Japanese version. However, the attacks and transformations were not given exact translations, and some were never called the same thing twice. The villains' names were also very different, and many had their genders changed: Kaolinite became "Elvira," Zirconia became a man, the Amazon Trio were all-female (and Hawk's Eye was named "Oak"), and the Amazoness Quartet were never given names.

In addition, there were some mistakes such as referring to the previously named "Rubis" as "Zoisite" in the short story "Casablanca Memory." A few other characters were given different names for no apparent reason: Sailor Mercury became "Sailor Mercure" by the third book and Séverine was once called "Setusna."

There is a common misconception among fans that Haruka Tenou became a man for the French manga, but this was not the case. She was referred to as "he" at first, before anyone knew she was female. After her identity was discovered, she was always referred to as "she," and her feminine figure was undeniable even outside of sailor uniform. The relationship between Haruka and Michiru remained vague; when they first appeared and Haruka was thought to be male, they were referred to as boyfriend and girlfriend, but later they were called "best friends."

Glénat also published the three original volumes of Codename: Sailor V. In their translations, the names of the enemies were either changed or poorly romanized: Fluorite and Danburite became "Flolight" and "Danbright," and Kunzite was called "Qunsight" instead of the usual "Quartz." Ace's name was spelled as "As," the French spelling of the name of the card.

The first artbook was also licensed by Glénat and was released in a hardcover format with the liner notes translated.

The shinsoban edition of the manga, including Sailor V, was released in France by Pika Edition beginning in July 2012. Their translation was closer to the original than Glénat's, and kept all the original names, although some accents were added to the names to help younger readers with the pronunciation (for example, "Tomoe" was written as "Tomoé"). "Daimon" was spelled "Daemon," and some English words such as "Queen" were unchanged. The names of the attacks were not translated, though Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber became "Tuxedo Smoking Bomber." The two pages at the end of the second volume where the early concept art was shown were left entirely untranslated. In the Sailor V manga, the villains in the "Pet" chapters had their names changed to French versions of their original Japanese onomatopoeia names, and became "Miaw Miaw," "Waf Waf," and "Buzz Buzz."

Character Names

Japanese French
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino
Mamoru Chiba Manoru Chiba
Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno
Rei Hino Raya Hino
Makoto Kino Mako Kino
Minako Aino Minako Aïno
Haruka Tenou Frédéric Tenno
Michiru Kaiou Mylène Kaio
Setsuna Meiou Séverine Meio
Hotaru Tomoe Olivia Tomoe (Glénat)
Hotaru Tomoé (Pika Edition)
Chibiusa Mini-Bunny
Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Mini Moon
Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Masqué
Kunzite Quartz
Zoicite Rubis
Nephrite Nethrite
Jadeite Jade

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original French Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Pouvoir du prisme lunaire! Métamorphose!
Pouvoir lunaire! Transformation! (act 4)
Moon Prism Power! Metamorphosis!
Moon Power! Transformation!
Moon Power ni nare! Pouvoir lunaire! Transforme-moi en... Moon Power! Transform me into...
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Pouvoir de cristal lunaire! Transforme-moi!
Pouvoir de cristal d'argent! Transforme-nous!
Pouvoir de cristal lunaire! Transformation!
Moon Crystal Power! Transform me!
Silver Crystal Power! Transform us!
Moon Crystal Power! Transformation!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Pouvoir comisque lunaire! Métamorphose! Moon Cosmic Power, metamorphosis!
Crisis, Make Up Pouvoir suprême, viens à mon secours! Supreme power, come to my aid!
Moon Frisbee Frisbee lunaire! Moon Firsbee!
Moon Twilight Flash Crépuscule lunaire! À toi d'agir! Moon Twilight! It's up to you to act!
Moon Healing Escalation Crépuscule lunaire! Agis tout de suite!
Sceptre lunaire! Agis tout de suite!
Moon Twilight! Act now!
Moon Scepter! Act now!
Moon Princess Halation Princesse de la Lune! Agis tout de suite!
Sceptre lunaire! Agis tout de suite!
Pouvoir de la Princesse Lunaire!
Sceptre lunaire! Amène le crépuscule!
Moon Princess, act now!
Moon Scepter, act now!
Moon Princess Power!
Moon Scepter! Bring twilight!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Cicatrisation lunaire! Agis tout de suite! Moon Healing! Act now!
Rainbow Moon Heartache Bâton de Lune, agis tout de suite!
Sceptre de Lune, agis tout de suite!
Moon Stick, act now!
Moon Sceptre, act now!

Sailor Mercury

Original Spanish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Planet Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Mercure! Métamorphose! Mercury Power! Metamorphosis!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir de Mercure! (Metamorphose!) Mercury Power! Metamorphosis!
Shine Aqua Illusion Illusion aquatique, agis tout de suite! Aquatic Illusion, act now!
Shine Snow Illusion Illusion de neige! Agis tout de suite! Snow Illusion, act now!

Sailor Mars

Original Spanish Translation
Mars Star Power, Make Up Pouvoir de la planète Mars! Transforme-moi!
Pouvoir du Mars! (Metamorphose!)
Mars Planet Power! Transform me!
Mars Power! (Metamorphosis!)
Mars Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir du Mars! (Metamorphose!) Mars Power! (Metamorphosis!)
Akuryo Taisan Vade Retro Satanas! Go back, demon!
Burning Mandala Force de Mandara! Agis tout de suite! Mandara Force! Act now!
Mars Snake Fire Feu de serpent, brûle! Snake Fire, Burn!

Sailor Jupiter

Original Spanish Translation
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Jupiter! (Metamorphose!) Jupiter Power! Metamorphosis!
Jupiter Thunderbolt Mercure! Que la tempête se leve! Et frappe! Foudre! Mercury! Let the storm rise! And hit! Lightning!
Flower Hurricane Tempête de fleurs! Storm of flowers!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Arme de Jupiter! Agis tout de suite!
Tonerre de Vénus! Agis tout de suite!
Jupiter Weapon, act now!
Venus Thunder! Act now!
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone Cyclone Jupiter! Lève-toi! Jupiter Cyclone! Get up!

Sailor Venus

Original Spanish Translation
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Venus Planet Power, Make Up
Pouvoir de Vénus! (Metamorphose!) Venus Power! Metamorphosis!
Venus Love-Me Chain Chaîne de l'amour de Vénus! (Agis tout de suite!) Venus Love Chain! (Act now!)
Rolling Heart Vibration Cœur de Vénus! Agis tout de suite! Venus Heart! Act now!
Venus Wink Chain Sword Glaive de Vénus! Venus sword!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Spanish Translation
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Cœur en sucre rose, agis tout de suite! Pink Sugar Heart, act now!

Sailor Uranus

Original Spanish Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Pouvoir d'Uranus! Transforme-moi! Uranus Power! Transform me!
Space Sword Blaster Glaive spatial, agis tout de suite! Space sword, act now!

Sailor Neptune

Original Spanish Translation
Submarine Reflection Reflet abyssal, agis tout de suite! Abyssal Reflection, act immediately!

Sailor Pluto

Original Spanish Translation
Time Stop Ô temps... suspends-toi! O time... suspend yourself!
Chronos Typhoon Typhon de Chronos! (Agis tout de suite!) Chronos Typhoon! (Act now!)


  • The French dub has also been shown in Monaco and Canada.
  • The first SNES video game was officially translated into French and released in France by Bandai S. A. in 1994. It was the only known official international release of any Sailor Moon video game.
  • Haruka's name in the French manga was "Frédéric," which is a name spelling used only for men ("Frédérique" is the feminine spelling). This was a possible reason why many fans believed that her gender had been changed in the manga.
  • Minako, though she was renamed "Mathilda" in the French dub, was sometimes called "Amélie Morin." This was the name of the voice actress who provided her voice.
  • Frédérique called Bunny "Face de Lune" (Moon Face).
  • Viluy was never given a name in the French dub, and she had two voice actresses: one, Agnès Gribe, for her Viluy form, and another, Amélie Morin, for her Yui Bidoh form.
  • François Leccia, an actor who played a number of roles in the French dub, died in 2009.